Friday, September 9, 2011


Ummm..hello. Wanted to share this for a while, but forgot. coz I am busy writing over THERE. Yes, I have a new fashion why don't you just head on over there as well, and join the fun in fashion. Wait, there is a fun in fashion, right?

My  new blog: VIA [THE LIFE STYLIST]

Enjoy! Oh, and see you there?


Ok, so as mu life gets busier now that my son has started to crawl, I still find time to find inspirations from the art, fashion and design world. I still try to sneak in a few minutes to see what's going on in terms of trends, what's hot in jewelry and what are people talking about. So, in this search, I came across this watch store. Oh, did I ever mention to you that I looovee watches. Yes, I do my darlings, and I have a special thing for picking just the right one - the one that will take my breath away and sit on my hand as a handsome conversation piece.

The store is DEDEGUMO. Enough said. These watches are handcrafted by trained Japanese technicians who make customized watches for you- just the way you like em'. And you thought only cupcakes could be customized! ha! And, best of all, you can see the whole process take place inside the store. So, what are you waiting for? In need of  a special gift for your Dad's 50th? Or something unique for that trendy best friend of yours? Look no further, darlings, look no further.

Which also makes me think - what if we launched customization at Banno Raani. How would that fly? Will our current and potential customers find this as a unique feature? And, by customization, I don't mean putting initials on the jewelry, but more so creating a pair of earring that matches your dress or  your wicked cool fashion idea. Huh? huh? What do you think? Let me know what's going on in your "head"quarters? Cool pun...forgive me. Its Friday night!

Back to Dedegumo, because I hate to digress. Here are some watches from their collection

love the lost world charm here

Leather Watches With Elegant Style By Dedegumo
My fav...its red and has a square ultimate dial...what's not to love


And, finally, see the masterpiece below:


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why was I absent?

Wow, it has been a while! Must say, everything looks so different!! Nah, jk! How have you been my lovelies?
Well, when I talk about "different", its actually my life that is best described by that word. Before, I delve deeper into this, let me take a moment to apologize for not writing for sooooo many months. Trust me, it was hard for me to be away, but I had no option. The priorities shifted a bit, but things are coming to a different paradigm now and thus, I am sitting on my PC, typing this.
We're good now?
Ok, so here's the different part explained: I am a mother now!! woohoo! Ah-hah, ah-hah! My son was born in January and my life, my schedule has been tightly knotted into his every cry, smile and cuteness. I just cannot be without him - no don't worry, I do give him a chance to be on his own for some time, so its not like I am a sticky-pesky mom! I just loveeee him and my experience as a mother has had its share of up's and downs. Yes, I have had episodes where I bawled like a baby myself, got frustrated, questioned my abilities to be a good mother, yelled at Kartik for no sane reason, cried some name it. But, I think I came out of it pretty ok.
SO, now that you know, does that make you forgive me for my absence? Good. Let's move on to brighter things.
Banno Raani is still in its second season, so go to BANNORAANI.COM, peruse our lovely collection, and get in touch with us, quick!!

Aaah, it feels good to be back! Here's a quick glimpse at my family...thought you would like to see!

Do let me know how you have been!



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