Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Book of 2009

The last pages of this year are almost ready to be turned over, but the book of 2009 is really something. Its 360+ pages hold stories of so many interesting happenings in my life that I am compelled to look back and highlight some of the incidents/thoughts that touched my heart and contributed towards making me the kind of person I am or aspire to be. So, where do I start..hmm, let's just take it from the top:

  • Went to India for the first time as a married woman, and basked in the love and attention from my in-laws and my happy grandma (nani mamma, I love you and I know how you wanted me to get married!) and all my masis and cousins
  • Found out that my lil' sis Shikha is pregnant -- was in denial for sometime, and then it hit me - and then super happy 
  • Very upset with some changes at work, but didn't mull over it for long, pulled myself together and worked harder than before
  • Launched Banno Raani...and this blog! Oh, what would I do without either of them! :) This step was taken after much deliberation on Shikha and my part and we just knew we had to do so - we are learning so much about business and ourselves in turn...(if you want to be an entrepreneur, don't wait - its totally worth it!!) 
  • Practiced more positive thinking and implemented more of the related philosophies 
  • Went to Europe- loved every second in those beautiful countries. it was my childhood dream too :)
  • Started writing down and actually making lists - trust me, accomplished all the items and screamed with joy everytime I crossed off the item on the list
  • My dearest Bauji - the best grandfather in the world - passed away, taking away a piece of my heart. I miss him so much, and am working on implementing some of his teachings
  • Learned to be more thankful and complain less (to be continued in 2010 as well)
  • Birth of Sana - my beautiful and lovely you my lil' darling
  • Reluctant to move to Newport, but it worked out fine. Infact so fine, that I love it here!! In other words, opening my mind to changes - personally and professionally and learning how to make changes work for me as opposed to against me
  • Loving and laughing more...yeay!
I think that wraps up the year in as concise a form it can. But ofcourse, there was much more in life - the small footnotes and fine print without which this book wouldn't be complete -- there were some tears because things didn't turn up the way I wanted them to, there was frustration (a lot of it), there was fear (of the unknown, and of consequences for standing up for myself), there were smiles (a ton of them), there was stomache, headache, PMSing and the silly arguments that ensued...ah, so much more.

But then, it these incidents, these footnotes and fine prints of life that make us who we are - it these stories that we always remember and these moments that we hold on to forever...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Style File - V3...oh, wait!

I know I know its been a while since I did the last Style File post (here and here). But, darlings, it was so hectic with moving, and then unpacking all the things, and then organizing a few parties, and then just relaxing for a bit that, truly,  I didn't even realize that time had flown and I should do something about it.

So, I did - today.

After brushing aside the regular chores of the day (yes,the boring but mandatory stuff), I took out a dedicated time slot to focus on creating these Style Files. Yes, I said files, as in plural, because I got two posts for you!! Really, how generous am I?? :)

Lets roll with the Style File # V3 - this outfit is a heartening mix of glitter, brocade and oomph. When I saw it, my eyes popped in splendor and fell in love with the style and color. Perfect outfit for a sangeet or formal holiday dinner hosted by your Kapoor aunty or for even attending a mehendi. But, then how to accessorize? Well, Banno Raani has a really good style that will just pull together the outfit perfectly, adding the right amount of "yowza" factor. Its the Pari Pankha jhumke with deep amethyst stone drop. Ok, enough of me talking, just check it out for yourself below.

Style File - V4
A while back, a friend I know told me about a party she was going out to - you know the NYC party full of shi-shi people, air kissing to the hilt, and dressed up to the nines. I was excited that she had reached out to me  to help her with the styling issue. She was wearing a black skirt with net and sequins (very similar to the skirt in the pic below) and a black top, and needed a pair of earrings to 'pop'. I showed her the following pair and she screamed with joy because she said that it brought the right statement to her style. Oh, believe me, I was super happy to see her this excited and was glad that Banno Raani's Tri-Stone Ruby had done the needful.

Well, I hope you enjoy the variety that Banno Raani has to offer - but know there's a whole lotta more!!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Attack of the Food network

After watching all these food shows on Food network and having my senses attacked by these yummy savoring images, I am  really really really hungry now - and I just had dinner!

I can't keep my mind off the delicious looking spicy jambalaya with hint of lemon, chicken sandwiches made with pretzel bread, pepper and red chilli glazed lamb chops with rice, garlic and cinnamon infused vegetable stew, french pecan salad, creamy light custard topped with almonds and hazelnut powder, chocolate ice cream over delicately thin brownie slice...oh, what am I to do?? I need to run to the kitchen now and fix myself a colorful, flavorful ensemble of veggies and spices (sorry, no meat on Monday) before I go crazy... :)

3 Idiots

Yesterday, Kartik and I watched '3 Idiots' and loved it. Simply loved it. The characters made us laugh like there was no tomorrow and the flow of the movie kept us aptly engrossed. While we both have read the book, '5 point someone' by Chetan Bhagat, on which the movie is based, the director (Rajkumar Hirani) did a commendable job of creating a really good screenplay along with his writer partner Abhijat Joshi. There were scenes where it got a bit too "bollywoody" for me - you know where the baby kicks when Amir Khan says "All Iz Well" - but it was ok because in the bigger scheme of all came together perfectly.

Oh my god, can't tell you how much we laughed...and snorted! Kartik moreso for he could relate to some of the things that were portrayed in the film -- the kind of things that go on in an all boys college. And, me, just couldn't believe all the things that go on in all boys college!! I also loved the character of "Chatur" (played by brilliant Omi Vaidya) - his speech in one of the scenes had me laughing until tears rolled out of my eyes and my stomach ached. And, oh I think I may know someone who talks and looks like him in real life!: )

So, Sunday ended with a medium box of popcorn and endless peals of laughter. If you want some of that...go ahead and see the movie!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Good Times and Christmas

 Its a day when the world comes together in giving - giving love, smiles and what I call "something something". Its a day when glasses filled with drinks tinker till the very last drop has been consumed, laughter reverberates until the same joke has been repeated thrice and good times roll until the last tick-tock of the day. Tis' Christmas, and this day always lightens up the world for me - everything just seems happier, livelier and funnier to me :) Oh, and not to forget -- colder!! :)

Merry Christmas to all of's wishing and hoping the essence of this day marches up to a fantastic New Year, which is, like, just around the corner!!


ps. will be posting pictures of Christmas parties sooon

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wish for

oooh, its Christmas eve!!  So, what do you wish for?? Know that whatever you ask for, there is someone waiting to make it happen!! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A million little things

So, New York streets are blanketed with snow...some untouched and white as pure cotton, while some darkened to the hue of a coal tar. Yuck! But, then there is something else.
A million little things buried underneath the gigantic piles of hardened yet slushy ice - a kid's glove, broken umbrella, dog poo, candy wrappers, woolen scarf, gatorade bottle...and so many other things that I wouldn't know. And, when all this snow melts, it will morph these million little things into nothing nothingness.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Bazaar by Banno Raani

The Holiday Bazaar by Banno Raani is on!

So, if you are reading this, please feel free to stop by at the venue and allow the sparkles, colors and designs of our unique earrings melt you heart! You don't want to miss this, for rreal!

Please email us at: for more details.

Hope to see you!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

The madness that is Walmart

There used to be a time when I was a frivolous shopper. I shopped at any store without thinking about the price or the fact that perhaps I could get the same thing at a much better price at another department store. Or the fact, hey, maybe I am better off using a coupon et al.
I was like that eons ago.
But, today, I think before I pick up anything, especially clothes, and ask myself - how many times will I wear this, is it a color that will match with most of the basics I already own, is it worth it? In those three simple questions, I get my yeay or nay on whether I should go ahead with the deal. I am also a lot smarter with picking the best deal - as if I am in a competition to prove who is the best shopper around!
Through the course of my transformation, one store that has stood its ground is Walmart  - whenever I shopped there for basics (sorry, no clothes, shoes or bags - I am very picky about those things :) ) I just always smiled at my final receipt. From toothpastes, to detergent to stationery to juice - it was always a nice surprise to walk with a few extra dollars still tucked away in my purse.
So, few days ago, I had to go to Walmart to get those basics, but wow, was I in for a surprise - of a different kind. The minute I stepped in the store, I went o-ho! Not that something was wrong with the store, it was more like something was wrong with the people. They were tons of them and all jamming each other with their carts filled to the brim with things. Some even had two carts - god bless them. In few seconds it hit me - but, ofcourse, tis' the season!!! And, so all the mayhem was expected. I saw the anguish in some people's face as they found out that that particular style of sweater was out of stock, I saw the kids jumping on their parents to get them that jazzed up bikes...the emotions were everywhere and I had my own up in the air. Yeah, the milk was all sold out!!! I almost screamed at a lady who hit me with her cart - and she had 2 gallons already! But, I calmed at myself, looked up at the huge Santa doll hanging in the air, and smiled at idiosyncrasy of  holidays! I love it, but nothing compares to the madness that is Walmart.

Have a fun filled shopping bonanza and don't let those cart hitters discourage you!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Try something new

Sometimes we are so comfortable with the way things are, we are afraid to try something new. And then, the only thing holding us back from that success, that satisfaction that we sooo deserve is how comfortable we are with the "new" stuff. Interesting, na?
I am setting up Banno Raani's holiday bazaar at my new apartment, and I am a little scared and have all these questions-  is it a good plan? is it the right set up? is it the right platform? Well, I wouldn't know all this unless I try it, correct? So, I am opening my mind and the doors to my apartment to try this new strategy and see if this flies with the  new set of client group, and, if it works with Banno Raani's overall business plan . I'll be honest, I'd rather be comfortable doing what I have done before, but then I wouldn't know what I am missing out on. So, I am going ahead, being bold, and trying something new! Wish me luck! :)


Could it be

Could it be that I saw Santa sitting in a Lincoln towncar waiting for a passenger?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some expected changes

I am a workaholic. There, I admit it openly. Not funny, but true. Am going through a year end process right now at work, and I can't help myself but log into work from home during downtime on weekends. How crazy is that? Well, new year is on its way - so time for some new changes: work life balance!
Actually, I look at the new year as a starting point for so many things that I always thought about but never did anything about it. Aha! change # 2: don't just say, do!
Watch out this space for more changes I expect to implement in me.. :)

My beautiful niece

I can't help but share a cute pic of my beautiful niece, Sana. She makes me very happy :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Forgiving weather

The weather was pretty forgiving today. I did not have to bundle myself up like I was living in Antarctica - you know, thermals, down coat, woolen scarf and cashmere gloves - almost looking like a fur ball :) So, the walk from work to the Path station was very pleasant. And, as I was walking, I reveled in the happenings around me - school kids laughing loud and playing pranks on each other, an old lady walking her big hairy dog, a couple walking with one hand entwined and the other one holding a grande Starbucks latte, few tourists holding a giant folded map and asking around for directions, a traffic policeman chatting up on the phone and not noticing a car that jumped the red light...oh, so much was happening. I walked through all this like I was walking through a museum, observing and smiling at so much life around me. It's really nice to have a forgiving weather, I tell you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A bummed poet :)

I am so bummed. I had created like 6-7 poems a few years and had submitted to {hey, even got one of those 'Poet of the Month' certificates} and then the site became, and now all my poems are gone - I just can't find them on the site!!! I am soooo bummed. Cherry on the proverbial bad cake: I forgot to save my work offline!! Help, what do I do next?

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just when the fall weather had started, I asked Kartik to pose for my awesome camera...he obliged, and asked, so what do I get in return. Hmm, while it was easy to answer that,  I did , however,  mention that I will put this collection on my, although its a month old, I just love this set of pictures, and hope you enjoy them too : )

{click on the image for a better view}

Getting ready

A month ago, when I found out that the Columbus Circle (NY) holiday market still had few openings left for booths, I got very very excited. Then I saw the price chart, and I got very very sad. Shikha and I wanted to take part in the holiday market so bad, but our budget did not allow us to take a huge strain on the capital just yet. So, we strategized as to what would be the appropriate thing to do. We could take part in the holiday market, acquire debt, and connect with prospective clients or we could wait another year, gather enough capital and inventory and then participate with a full bang. Luckily, it didn't take us long to go with the latter option, and in a way I am glad that that's the road we took.
Sooo, here's our plan: we are getting ready for hosting a Banno Raani's first ever holiday season party. Details coming soon....stay locked in here! You will love it, promise!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Cheer

When I look around and see every corner of the street decked in holiday cheer, I can't help but smile. Every giant bow, every holiday banner with snow flakes drawn on it, every amaryllis peeking from behind a revolving door takes away the stress of the day and reminds me to enjoy the moment, and expect joy, happiness and awesome shopping sprees!
So, a big yeay to holidays and a bigger yeay to the cold weather that comes with it. Trust me, it wouldn't be half as pretty without the chill and the snow,  people.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

A room with a view

Does it get any better than this??
{This is a view from one of the rooms of our new apartment...}

Friday, December 4, 2009

The night is velvety

The night is velvety, and I quietly place my face on the window glass, to stare at the magnificent view in front of me. My eyes twinkle with the lights from the sky high buildings, and I blink in marvel. There is beauty to be found in all the concrete and steel after all.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


True results come from true discipline. I always knew it but did not care to follow this principle. But now, as I grow older and wider wiser, I cannot help but keep my mind focused on this simple equation. It seems to make so much sense now. So, what changed? I am still the same, my spirit is the still the same, but it is my mind that is now accustomed to a more relaxed, rich and robust style - a style that truly yields results.
A good example - my commitment to this blog. Although, this blog is meant to showcase what Banno Raani is all about (and, which it does), I also use this as a platform to paint  my thoughts, my feelings and my life. I have set aside an hour each night to dedicate my thoughts to this 4x6'' box of white space and transform it into a colorful play of words (hopefully you will agree : )). I know this blog allows everyone to not just see Banno Raani's awesome collection, but to also get to know the people behind it and the situations they go through in their daily lives. Yes, there are struggles on this path to entrepreneurship, there are uncertainties, and things that Shikha and I cannot even anticipate - but we continue to take full hearted steps and keep moving forward. And, therefore, the blog is a testament to that discipline. It is also a simple way of staying connected with clients and a unique way of sharing lives!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blank answers

Today was one of those days when life just didn't feel good. I questioned why it were the case? But the answers came back blank. Hmm...maybe I need to ask the right questions or maybe blank answers are indeed the right answers. I don't know. I guess only time will tell. Until then, I dream of yummy cup cakes and happy places.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I sit amidst strewn boxes, folded rolled up carpet, tons of bags with "things" and haphazardly placed furniture - contemplating a good plan to arrange everything the way it should be. Oh, the pangs of unpacking after packing it all up.

Happy December! Tis' almost time for the new year :)


ps. I am lovin' the new apartment, and the commute is a dream.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

We get so wrapped in the daily incidents, happenings, anecdotes of our lives, that at times we forget to breathe. You know, the long inhaled, purely satisfying, mind relaxing type of breathing. And, then when we get 5 seconds to do that, we are already on to the next challenge in front of us. But, not today. Today is meant to truly just stand still, look around with wonder eyes, and celebrate gratitude - for everything that we are, that we have and that we would like to become. Our thanks can be shown in forms other than just words. Whether its by helping the elderly neighbor by taking them for a walk or by donating clothes to Salvation Army or by just hanging out with the lovely grandparents, and reminiscing the glorious days of childhood. And, hey, what's better than celebrating the amazingness of this day with some delish food, huh huh?

So, here's wishing that the true essence of Thanksgiving resonates in your life - not just today, or the next day or the day after that, but every single day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love and hugs.

ps. Total gym workout  for me (post turkey and potatoes) starts 5 am tomorrow :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ok, I really had a bad hair today. It was so frizzy and poofy, I swear if birds had flown over it, they would have made nest out of it.
Such are the dilemmas sometimes :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Style File - V2

Welcome to Style File day! Here's an outfit that needed a pair of earring to balance its heavy zardozi work and embroidery. And, ofcourse Banno Raani had just the right style - Meena Panna - a beautiful ambi shaped earring with delicate kundan work on dull gold plated german silver. Truly a masterpiece! 


ps. Meena Panna available in more colors.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Layered world

A couple of days ago, as I was walking towards the subway, my mind was lost in its own little complex layered world. 

On the ground floor of my mind, there was a list of things that I had to accomplish, and the issue was how do I accomplish them in the best way. Then on the first floor, there was a debate going on between whether I was making a difference (in my own small way) in the world, and if not, what I could do to achieve that. The top floor was occupied by the tenants of my mind who were evaluating certain roadblocks I was facing, and what could be some possible solutions. As I was zoned out to this buzzing chit chatter in my head - my eyes just happen to fall on the ground, and that's where I found my answer. See below:

This metrocard with its bold engraving of the word OPTIMISM was staring back at me with such a determined confidence, that I had to pick it up and tuck it away in the inside pocket of my jacket -close to my heart. Not only a smile washed over my face, the little complex layered world of my mind collapsed into a pile of happy and joyous disposition.

And, as you begin your fantastic week, I leave you with the same Optimism that has the power to wash away any of your doubts and quieten any buzzing chit chatter in your head :)


Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, Kartik and I are moving to a new apartment, and it's been kinda busy - packing and all.

Moving always makes me feel sad and nostalgic. I don't know, something about leaving the house where I spent endless hours on the couch in front of TV,  debated on what to cook and then fidgeted with the ingredients in the cabinets, fixed the order of books on the shelf, arranged and then re-arranged my precious Lenox vase, crashed on the bed after a looong day at work - doesn't feel good. It's as if the house were my family, someone (or rather something) who has seen me through so much, and now I am leaving it behind.

And as we pack away the books, the vase and oh, my millionth candle (I love candles!), memories remain suspended in the air, like a mist in the mountains - you can see it, feel it, but not touch it!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eternal river

I gaze at the empty space, and think what to write. Some thoughts flow like wind over water - gently grazing my mind, and then swishing away to eternity. While some thoughts stay put like oil over water - won't mix up, won't get dissolved, but just stay. I wonder what I should do with so many thoughts and so much thinking?

Amazing, our minds just cannot stay empty. Something or the other creeps up and keeps feeding it constantly.
Have you noticed how easy it is to get attached or attracted negative thoughts - oh, I won't get the job or I am not pretty or I won't win that contest or nobody loves see how easily our minds hook on to such rather not so innocuous concepts. Trust me, when something doesn't go my way, I almost think to myself that maybe I don't deserve it or it is not for me. Time and again, I have done this and really, this type of thinking doesn't make things better at all. If anything, it makes me sadder. So, I sit and mull a bit more until I give up and run for that tub of ice cream to make myself feel better - and then that makes me unhealthy!!

And have you noticed how scared we are to think happy and positive thoughts because we don't want to jinx them or don't want to feel guilty of harboring too much of it. How silly is that? I mean think about it, you don't want to have happy or healthy thoughts because thinking too much of it is jinxing future good happenings.  I wish you could hear me scream 'lame', as I type this. Well, don't worry, I have been a culprit of committing this very lame crime too, but its time for a change. Because change is healthy and change is good.

Thinking happy thoughts allows us to have a happy state of mind. It allows us to see things in a positive way. If, for instance, that job didn't work out for you , its not because you are not smart or you don't deserve it, its because you deserve something much better, and that better opportunity is on its own smooth way to get to you. If it feels everything is working against you, you know, when the car battery dies, and you forget the wallet and phone at home and get stuck in the middle of nowhere without any communication - that kind of against, well,  what do you do? You DON'T feel bad for yourself. You dust yourself up, and walk towards finding a way (in this case a gas station) - you hold a deep trust in yourself and a positive thoughtful mind that you have the courage to get out of this situation - because you  WILL and voila! you DO. {If life gives you lemons, you make mohito!}

Honestly, when Shikha and I started talking about setting up our boutique, I kid you not, I immediately went on thinking negative thoughts, what if no one buys from us, what if we suck at selling, what if I cannot focus on this...and on and on my silly mind went. But, all it took was a switch to -- I can do this because I love design, because I have a very good eye for these things and because I have confidence in myself. That was it - my mind was made, and although there were tremors of doubts, I stood strong.

So, I want you to take a step - a step towards your good, happy future and KNOW that it belongs to you. I want you to dispel any negative thought or train of thoughts the minute it starts hitting your mind. All it takes is that little teeny tiny effort from you. The moment  you think of failure or disappointment, just change your mind to the beautiful bouquet your husband or friend sent you which reminded you how much loved and appreciated you are - and don't feel guilty when good, happy thoughts flow in your mind like an eternal river.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Of inspiration and aspiration

Inspiration is everywhere and anywhere. 

And, so when we think about Banno Raani, we look for inspiration in the fabulous artwork that is being done around us, in scores of fashion magazines, design websites and hey, even home furnishing catalogues! Influence of these sources allows us to truly understand the scope of a limitless possibility with designs. And in this spirit, we share with you a little glimpse of our aspiration(s)!

Happy Wednesday!


How relevant is an umbrella in the wind?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Style File - V1

We may have answered some of your prayers for we present to you a weekly feature called Style File (ahem, sorry no brownie points for creative titles here). Yes, yes, we heard your emails and so this feature will address some perplexing questions, like - do you really need to be matchy matchy with your outfit and jewelry?? does purple contrast well with green? oh, what the heck should I wear with rusty orange sari?? do cows speak? (ok, that was just to throw you off!) But, you get the point.

Banno Raani stands for unique, elegant styles and you know you can count on us to be your stress busters!! The aim of this feature is to showcase an outfit and our statement earrings. Trust me, it doesn't get better than this!

Bonus: If you have an outfit, just email us a pic of it and will send you some online TLC in the form of perfect jewelry from the design book of Banno Raani (hello, bring on the brownie points now!). We will work with you to zap out any roadblocks/mind numb you may experience while prepping yourself for that big wedding or that cool cocktail party or that reception extravaganza!

You know, we love to make you feel pretty!!

So, here's a style idea for that rusty orange sari with one of Banno Raani's Mughal Charm earrings (also available in red/green color combination)....


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Personal treasure, and Sunday thought

While driving back from Mom's house, I was mesmerized with the magic happening in the sky - the colors, the textures, the light was playing games with my senses. I wanted to feel it all and keep it it were my own personal treasure.

I couldn't let the sensory explosion fade away to the rhythm of time. So, I preserved it. I parked the car on the curb, grabbed my camera, checked behind me if there was traffic coming, lucky that there was none- stood in the center of the road and made a profound click on the camera. And, below is my keepsake... my own personal treasure (barring the traffic signal ofcourse).

And, since another week is upon, I leave you with the following as you begin your fabulous week

Fighting against a sense of despair will only make it worse. Instead of letting despair feed on itself, do something positive and proactive to break the pattern.
When you become angry about being angry, that will only make your anger more destructive. The more intensely you feel your frustration, the more frustrated you will become.
The way out is to quickly and decisively break the pattern. Realize that the negative momentum is building and do something so completely unrelated that you knock it off track.
Don't make your negativity stronger by fighting against it. Instead, make it irrelevant and powerless by turning your attention and putting your energy in a radically different direction.
Be outrageously and unreasonably positive. Be funny and creative and ridiculous and joyful all at the same time.
Smile, laugh and be enthusiastic about life even when you have no reason to be. By breaking the negative pattern, you'll create many great reasons to smile.
-- Ralph Marston


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pure Joy

I type this lil' blog entry in frenzy as I squeeze few minutes away from Sana - she is pure joy, and I am blessed!

Friday, November 13, 2009


While I was busy browsing for best sellers on the aisles of  a local bookshop, I halted when I came across this gorgeous note card set (pics below). It didn't take me more than two seconds to fall in love with the uber wicked design and packaging  that I ended up buying two boxes of the set! Hmmm, well, this gives me a good excuse now to send personal handwritten notes to my loved ones :) 
{sidenote: email has shot and killed the paper}
If you like what you see, then you can go to this delish website and go crazy. They have insanely colorful and cool collection of journals, home decor and other splendid stuff! Oh, and they also have these wonderfully printed  folders for all your filing needs!!! I mean you can never have enough folders, let alone nice printed ones! Right??
 And, don't forget to give their blog a dekko. Your eyes will want to absorb every texture, image, style that pops up on the screen - and the experience will seems more like a sudden jolt of creative espresso.


Happy Friday!!


I slept last night, and then got up relatively early today. But, I don't feel tired or sleepy at all.
Maybe because its Friday.
Quite a few things on the agenda today, but I don't feel stressed or overwhelmed. Maybe because its Friday.
I am blogging in the morning today, and I don't feel the rush to to leave for work. Maybe because its Friday.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


A few days ago, Kartik was to pick me up from Great Neck train station, and because of timing clash, I had to wait for him at Dunkin Donuts right next to the station. Well, the wait part was a welcome (this time) because I got the opportunity to feast on the not so healthy stuff. And, boy, I really needed the not so healthy stuff.

So, as I helped myself to a toasted bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a hot hazelnut coffee, I heard a sudden cacophony. I turned around to see what it was and my eyes settled on a bunch of teenagers. Oh, them, I said to myself and rolled my eyes, took my delightful yummy things and made myself comfortable on one of the tables in the corner by the window. As I crumpled the bagel wrapper, the cacophony grew louder in an ascending manner. And, within seconds, it was hovering at the table right next to mine. My quiet corner was history. Well, as long as I had my bagel, I could live with that.

The conversations from the teenage group got intense and I couldn't help but let my ears be audience to some of the things they were saying. One of the boys talked about how the location of his locker was causing him stress. And, there I was, stressing about the next steps with Banno Raani. Then another girl interrupted and confided that she was going to get her hair straightened a la Japanese treatment as she couldn't deal with frizz anymore. And, there I could almost confess that my ambitions and goals could need some straightener for I didn't want my dreams to get any frizzier. 

Amazing, isn't it? How the pangs, the worries, the issues change in their intensity as we grow up. Life becomes a bit more layered and it gets a bit more difficult to classify things as pure black and white. Hmm, actually life becomes more blackish-purply-bluish-reddish-peachy-greenish-violety-white.

Well, there was more. Topics ranging from boys to eyeliner to girls to video games to who could dance off the fastest reverberated the closed confines of Dunkin Donuts.  The teenage mob had almost smothered me in their simple yet highly anxious life.

But, as long as I had my bagel, I could live with that.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brett Favre

Today I heard a someone's phone ringtone, and I swear it sounded something like this...Brrretttt Faaavre - Brrrettt Faaavre - Brrrettt Faaavre

Happy Wednesday lovely people!  : D

Monday, November 9, 2009


When something doesn't seem to be going my way, I just take a deep breath and believe. Believe in my faith and believe in my hope. And, yes, that really sees me through. Its tough, it takes time and it really tests my patience. But, since my eye is on the final outcome, I go through all this to eventually come out a winner.

Yes, I persist because I believe.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Thought

Kartik and I spent most of yesterday and then some few hours in the evening today with Sana. I admit, I can't get enough of her!!! My lil munchkin :P

A new week is here, so I leave you with the following as you begin your fabulous, fun and fierce week:

From the same exact situation, two different people can achieve two remarkably different results. Why is that?
Because the results you achieve are not determined by the situation itself. The results you achieve are determined by what you choose to focus on.
If you focus on all the things that could go wrong, your mind will find a way to make those things really happen. But that's not what you want, is it?
Instead, give yourself an empowering focus. Lock your focus solidly on the positive possibilities.
Think in great detail about the good and valuable and desirable outcomes. Without question or hesitation, your mind will begin finding realistic, workable ways to make those good things happen.
Carefully and intentionally guide your focus to the best place you can imagine. And your focus will, in turn, take you there.
-- Ralph Marston

Much love and hugs!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ting Ting

I am a very deep sleeper. Sometimes even the alarm cannot wake me up. So it was very interesting that I woke up at 4:30am today morning by the sound of nothing but a little beep on my phone, which was lying in the living room downstairs. The soft 'ting-ting' of the text message just woke me up as if it was some blaring trumpet in my ear and I had to go downstairs to check what it was all about.

I noticed the message was from Dhruv (my brother-in law) and it simply said "Going to hospital; baby will be coming today." I just let out a loud "yesss" and clapped my hands in joy. I ran upstairs to wake up Kartik and let him know that the d-day had arrived and that I will leave for the hospital asap. I then called up Dhruv and told him I would be on my way soon. I was sooo excited and happy and couldn't believe my lil cutie niece was almost here!

As I drove to the hospital, I just kept imagining my sister donning a new role - that of a mother, and how alien that sounded to me. I mean, wow. I think I can't justify the feeling in words, but I am sure you get the point. I also watched the sun rise and prayed and thanked Ganeshji for such a beautiful start to the day. I was uber excited. As I reached the hospital, I found parking right in front of it, so I quickly parked, locked the car and ran with big steps towards the waiting room. Mom and Aunty (Shikha's MIL) were already there, anxious like me. We exchanged hellos and huge gushing smiles.

After 2 hours, sweet Sana was born and made me an Aunt just like that!! She also promoted my parents as well Dhruv's parents into grandparents - and most of all Shikha and Dhruv into mommy and daddy. How incredibly insane is that!! Parents!! And, when I finally got to see Sana, my heart melted and I just couldn't take my eyes off her. She is such a darling and I love her with all my heart!

Oh, I am so glad for the 'ting-ting' on my phone!!


ps. Will be posting pictures soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday Kartik and I celebrated three years of our wedding bliss. It was a very low key, personal affair with endless laughter, continuous gazing into each other's eyes and lots of tortilla.

Before we decided on the fusion mexican restaurant, Kartik and I walked the cobbled streets of downtown NY, searching for the perfect place to celebrate our happiness. The air was heavy with a sharp cold edge to it, and the sky was a dark envelope with starry glitters sprinkled all over. We held hands, and recounted days when we had come to these same streets as a "prospective" couple, not knowing what the future held for us then. But, the excitement was still the same and the love still strong.I still can't believe it has been three years!

The night just flew by as we sipped on margarita (for me) and beer (for him) and talked about our future. I guess time flies when there are endless laughter, continuous gazing into each other's eyes and lots of tortilla!

Here's a picture from our wedding



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I was hit by a talking hand.

Yes, you read that right.

I was blackberrying like crazy on an urgent issue in the elevator, when all of a sudden I felt a whack on the side of my shoulder. I looked up from my addictive device, and noticed a man blabbering about his dinner to his friend with huge hand actions - I think it was when he was describing  chicken pot pie with his hands, that my shoulders got in the way of his descriptive excursions. Ofcourse he apologized, but grrrrr!!

Darn these blackberries, and darn these men with expressive hand movements!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I admit

I admit, I was selfish today.

In the morning, I was all groggy eyed and clinging on to the handle bars in the train, when the train stopped at a station, and the person sitting in front of me got up and left. I was sooo relieved and happy to find the seat that I sat down with the speed of a bullet. I was placing the bag on my laps, when someone appeared in front of me. I noticed the hands first, and saw quite a few age lines zig zagging here and there. Then I looked up and noticed her. Her face was not so filled with lines, and her eyes were hidden behind dark sun glasses. I reckon she was probably in her early 50's. But, I did not get up to give her a seat. I just looked at her and then looked back on the bag balancing on my laps. Yeah, I did not get up to give her my seat. I should have, but I was so burdened with tired eyes and no energy, I became selfish.

The day is almost over, and I can't help but reflect on my actions for the day (I usually do this before going to sleep). This particular incident was the highlight (well, not in a good way though) and something I wish I could undo. So...

I promise to be more chivalrous next time.

I promise to learn the art of sleeping while hanging onto the handle bars in the train.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Thought

As you begin your new week, I leave you with the following message for the night..
Your thoughts are more powerful than you can ever realize. For there is a part of you that faithfully puts each thought into action without question.
Your thoughts affect every part of you in ways much too numerous to ever keep track of. Each thought sets off a cascade of responses within you that cannot be stopped.
What you think, affects where your life goes. For each thought is magnified and manifested through the whole of your existence.
Positive thinking empowers much more than your thoughts. Negative thinking can dismantle every part of your life.
You always have a choice of what to think. When making that choice, always remember each thought has great power that continues long after the thought has passed from your consciousness.
Though thinking does not make it so, thinking makes you make it so. What you think becomes what you live.
-- Ralph Marston

For more of Ralph' s fabulous motivation, please visit his website at:!

Have a wonderful week ahead!


ps. I am back to the old template -- kinda' missed the full page placement. Hope you guys like it too : )

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Interview

When I was in India, my friend Deepti suggested that I apply for AISEC. I didn't know anything about it, but I was curious and decided what the heck, let me go. Well, little did I realize that this organization wasn't just any organization, it was more like a secret sisterhood/brotherhood type of society where you had to qualify for becoming a member. There were only 50 seats nation wide, and thousands of applicants.
Now we're talking!! It didn't take me long to make up my mind, and I knew I just had to get in.

So, I filled out the paperwork with a rigorous fervor, making sure every 'i' I dotted said something about my personality - afterall, my reputation was at stake. Maybe they liked my perfectly dotted 'i' for I passed the first round and was called for the second one - the interview round.

To be honest, I did not know then what it meant to give an interview back then. To me it was more like a debate competition that I used to religiously take part in (and win) and so I approached it like a competition. I was ready to fight the 100 odd applicants to win this competition - even if it meant that I had to dance with no music on. And, I still remember this interview like it was yesterday.

The interview was held in a school on the other end of the city, and after 2 buses and three hours, I reached there all exhausted and tired. To regain my vigor, I started doing breathing exercises - inhaling and exhaling in controlled long sequences. As I was doing this, I approached the huge iron gate of the school and announced myself to the guard. The guard looked up at me and gave me a weird look, and asked me to repeat my name. I stopped my exercise and repeated my name. He nodded without looking up this time from his name register and let me in through a small gate inside the huge iron gate. It felt as I was entering a palace.

When I walked in, it looked more like a deserted fort with lots of rooms and no signs of humanity. I looked around and saw a sign screaming "AISEC" with a poignant arrow pointing in the direction I was to go. I dusted off my skirt, tucked my shirt a bit more and pushed the loose ends of my hair around my ear and walked confidently in the said direction. Then I saw a woman standing with a checklist in her hand, she looked at me and smiled. I told her my name, and she said "You're early, please sit in this room until your turn comes." I walked in and saw 4 more candidates, and my heart skipped a beat or was it that it thumped loudly against my chest. I just felt as if all my confidence was about to drain from my body. But, then I regained myself and calmed myself by thinking that maybe they were feeling the same way too. So, it wasn't all that bad. I think I actually smiled at one of them - you know the nervous silly smile!

My name was called after like 20 minutes and I followed the woman with the checklist to the end of a hallway and into a room. I noticed 2 shadows, and as I was about to say "Thank you", the door behind me closed with a slam, sucking out the life behind these words.

One of the shadows, now a full blown lady appeared in front of me, shook my hand and asked my sit on the chair in front of a table that she was to sit behind. "So," she said, "tell me about yourself." And, I remember going, "Huh?" so she repeated herself. Now, nobody  had asked me that question so it was kinda' weird talking about myself. Should I tell her how I loved crocheting or that I was a good dog walker or I could write with my eyes closed? I decided that was too risky, so I talked about my school, my major subjects and my hobbies. When I stopped to take a breath, she said, "Well, that's pretty interesting.  Why do you think we should pick you for AISEC?" I promise, I probably looked at her as if she had sprouted 3 hands and was doing some sort of a rave dance step. What kind of question was that? I know they wanted me so why these silly questions? Anyways, I smiled a little and went on an answering spree. After I finished, she nodded, and then got up and I saw the second shadow, now a full blown man stand in front of me.

He smiled and held up his paper, put a stapler in front of me and asked "Tell me 10 uses of this stapler other than the obvious." Ok, this is really crazy, I remember thinking to myself. But then I pushed myself to think! And, said whatever came to my mind.

Three weeks later, I got the call that I was selected to become AISEC member. They liked one of my answers, especially the one to the stapler question, and here's the winner, ladies and gentlemen..."Use the stapler as your own personal defense tool - aka the  nanchuk!!"

Aaahh, I still remember this interview like it was yesterday.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


2 pictures - 2 very different takes on advertising/marketing...

This is a small burger and fries truck - with a rather long lunch line! Best part, its parked right in front of McDonalds! So, what is their strategy - come, taste the home-cooked meal, and spread the word! Love it!

Now, on to the second one, an ad I found stuck on the subway map in one of the train cars...

Did you just see? Did you? It said "Flyer Distributer" and "Interview" on the same sheet of paper. Hmmph!!! Let's also understand its strategy -  for the part-time position and for the kind of job, its a) paying a high salary b) talking about training c) referring to an interview d) showing the scarcity of the positions available

Now, I am not judging either of their strategies, all I am doing is pointing out two very different ways of getting the word out. Well, I could give you my view, but I want you to decide which one's making a stronger impact on you.

Happy Thursday! And, ofcourse, big warm hugs!! :)

ps. I sneaked in time to write this as the Yankees vs. Phillies battle it out...go Yankees!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh, how sometimes people amaze me with their antics!

The weather was yucky as I walked towards the train (well, honestly, the weather was like that all through the day). Rain was everywhere - in the hidden street corners of downtown, under the huge canopy of Autumn Blaze Maple trees that lined the streets, around the edges of a scaffolding - if you wanted to escape it for an inch, you couldn't possibly do that. Inspite of a heavy duty umbrella hovering over my head, big droplets of water found a way to splash on my tender cheeks, on my already frizzy hair and on my semi-soaked trench. Yes, rain was everywhere! And, then the wind, I forgot about the wind. The clever, slimy wind - snaking its way under my clothes, through a tightly wound scarf on my neck, and freezing the very core of my being -verrry sneaky wind! So, while I was putting on a balancing act of holding an umbrella with one hand, and pushing away tendrils of fallen hair (thanks to Wind) on my face with another,  and holding on to my handbag (heavy with a lunch box, water bottle and an extra pair of sandals that I had to carry today)  with a non-existent third limb... a sight caught my eye. 

Walking past me was a man young man, letting the rain cling to every inch of his body, while he used his folded umbrella to scratch his back. Sccrraatch-ssccraatch - yeah, thats the sound the umbrella made when  I crossed him. Rain and wind had nothing on him!

Did I mention - people amaze me with their antics sometime?


Monday, October 26, 2009

To the Man after my own heart - Happy Birthday

When I first saw him, I liked they way he had matched a formal blue striped shirt with faded jeans When I first spoke to him, I liked the smooth slow way he talked, as if every word out of his mouth had to be crisp, cool and meaningful. When I first went out with him, I liked his chivalry and his manners. I was smitten in the most perfect way and there was no looking back.

In the years that I have known him, I have only grown to love him and respect him more with each tick of the clock :) He is so kind and thoughtful that I am amazed everytime he offers to help someone with moving and packing boxes, with dropping them off to the airport or picking them up, with helping them plan their financial dreams...if you were to ever call him with any question/concern, he would just drive up to your place and sort it all out for you...not hemming & hawwing or skirting the issue with excuses. Yup, thats Kartik! At times I pray to God to imbue me with some of his qualities because truly I want to become a better human being like him...someone whose heart and soul are so pure that there is just love and more love emanating constantly!

Today is Kartik's Birthday and I want to take this blog space to give a huge shout to my fabulous, handsome, loving and adorable husband for being such an inspiration, such a true friend and such a wonderful life partner!

Happy Birthday Kartik - may God shower you with his finest blessings because truly, you deserve only the best. May all your treasured dreams come true and you continue to prosper and be healthy all your life! I love you soo much and these wishes come from the bottomest bottom of my heart!! I am very proud of who you are, what you have accomplished and where you are headed in life, and I am so glad that I am a part of that journey as well! :)

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking new!

As you can probably tell, the blog has a new template! Well, I hope you like it. I have to admit, it took me a while to pick the template. And then once I settled on this old world charm-ish look, I played around with different colors for the post title - should be red or brown or something that pops! For now, I chose this subtle blue that kinda' pops but not that much. Oh, and then sidebar colors were a work in themselves. If you have any suggestions, please pass them on! Would love to see what combinations you think would work!

So, where are we with Banno Raani - you probably would also like to know. Shikha and I have been throwing quite a few ideas at each other, and will definitely let you know what we settle on. Its kinda hard sometimes because the craziness at work takes away our attention from Banno Raani - what would have been a 1000% dedication, gets reduced to 100%. But, not to worry. We are dedicated to our mission of making Banno Raani the numero uno choice in wedding boutique! We will continue to give our 100% effort at every chance we get and after 10 rounds, guess what - it will add up to 1000%!! :)

Oh, and since quite a few of you emailed us on setting up a website - yup, we heard you and are working on that as well. So, watch out for that announcement as well.

Its Sunday evening now, and the week will start to emerge on the horizon in a few hours, so I leave you with the following thought as you get ready to hop on a new day:

As soon as it begins, take control of your day. Decide in detail what you intend to do and commit to making it happen.
If you sit around and wait for events and circumstances to pull you along, you'll end up getting nothing accomplished. If you have no firm and resolute plans, you'll waste all your time on meaningless distractions and interruptions.
Certainly unexpected situations will come up that require your response. Yet you can choose to respond from a position of power and control, rather than from a position of weakness and ineffectiveness.
Decide what you will do with this day, and get busy doing it. Make a difference, establish a positive momentum, and get your goals accomplished.
Time is here, right now, for you to use. Transform the passing time into lasting value by making effective use of it.
This day is filled with great possibilities. Choose certain, specific ones, and make the effort that will make them happen.
-- Ralph Marston

Have a super duper week ahead!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Do and be

I firmly believe we all have huge potential to do and be whatever we want to do and be. Any and/or all restrictions sits in our minds - if we think we cannot, we won't work as hard and so really, we would not! We generally are not prepped to exhaust our full potential unless the going gets tough...and that really is the case.

On Animal Planet, there is a show called I Am Alive, and that show exhibits precisely this power, the will to not give up. I love this story...a young man was being mauled by 3 huge lions, the paw of the head of the pack sitting right on his face, while the other 2 sweetly tugging on his leg. But, he knew this wasn't the end of his existence. He knew he would make it through. And to cut long story short, he not just survived, he truly became alive. And in his interview, he admitted that the minute he made up his mind that he would survive, everything else just fell into place.

I wanted to share this with you as an example of the power of your mind...wanted to showcase the strength you possess. This is just uno example , but if you look around you will find plenty.

I am also sharing this because it serves as a personal reminder to me that my full potential lies in my willingness to believe. Yes, it is me who needs to come out of any self imposed restrictions I may have to do and be whatever I want to do and be. I am also putting this out here so I am accountable for taking small steps towards some big changes in my life. :)


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I stood impatiently waiting for the light to become red so I could cross the road. As I jumped up and down on the balls of my feet, I noticed her standing next to me. I was blown away for I never knew what it meant to stand next to her.

Her face was strong, with deep lines extending around her eyes as if they were forming a multi-linear graph. Her hair, pulled back in a ponytail, a rough shade of gold with batches of white around the ear. Her nose, long and straight, flared because she was breathing hard. I then noticed her rough hard hands resting on her belt, right next to a well secured gun. Yeah, those hands have cleaned up a lot of dirty work...those hands have seen it all.

Thank God for people like her.

Police Officer Anonymous (since I couldn't get her name) makes me proud because a) she is a woman in this crucial job and b) she works tirelessly in making the city safe. I felt so honored standing next to her and knowing that even though her expression was all serious and rough, it could not hide the beauty and passion within.

So mesmerized I was that I didn't even notice the light had changed back to green. And there I stood impatiently again, jumping on the balls of my feet to cross the road!

Happy Thursday!!

{Side Note: Kartik is away on a business trip, and I am really missing his comfy shoulders to rest my head on as I watch TV. I am also missing his funny comments on hair regrowth commercials and crime shows. Oh, the silence in the house is really deafening. Miss you darling.}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eavesdropping a Teddy Bear

I was exhausted by the end of the day today, so when I was waiting for Kartik at the train station, I just let my mind wander and mix in with the surrounding. A 'big' and healthy guy was seated next to me on my left and he was talking to a girl. The station was a bit quiet after 2 trains that left, taking with them the raucous hammering of steel wheels on iron tracks {Thank God!!}. So, I just sat waiting in silence and could almost hear what the big guy and the girl were talking about. No, I wasn't eavesdropping darlings, I just couldn't help their words from taking a house in my ears.
So, what were they talking about? Class, homework, what to eat, where to know the usual stuff you talk about when in college. But, with the way the girl was talking, it seemed that they had just met. Then just as I thought their conversation was ending, the girl blurted, "You are a big guy. You are like a teddy bear. I like that. You know I have 68 teddys at home, and you are like one of them. You are a big guy." And, then she laughed with a snort. O-no-she dien't!!! She didn't just say that to a guy whom she met for the first time!!! And, then snorted!!! Oh, mercy mercy mercccyy!! Follies of a young heart! I couldn't help but smile to myself, and I think I may have let out a lil' snort of my own :)

Subway, I tell you, is a sweet place for eavesdropping without even trying!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meaty Mammoth

I confess, I am on a reading binge again! And here's a snapshot of what will be stuck to my hands and frozen in front of my eyes for the rest of the week...Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Gregory (the author) escaped from a prison in Australia after being arrested for multiple robberies and then found asylum in Bombay (now Mumbai, India). While in Bombay, he joined the underworld mafia, killed people, opened a free medical clinic, fled to Germany and got arrested there again. Shantaram was born out of a tumultuous and torrid love affair of life with death in the grim cells of Germany.

Do you feel the nerves here?? Oh, this is going to be awesome!

I can't wait to start and finish this novel so I can share my views with you. In the meantime, Ladies and Gentleman, feast your eyes on this meaty mammoth...

brain farts

So, when do brain farts really happen? I get them when I am stuck between 2 new people and can't find a word to say. Should I talk about the weather? {Boring} Should I tell them about the latest episode of The Office? {Hmm..that would a nice ice-breaker} Or, should I talk about how weird a mohawk looks on a 50 year old? {yess, thats it!!}.

I also get them when I am asked to do an impromptu presentation to the business without any prior information on the project.

And, sometimes, these uber cool brain farts sneak in (or is it out) when I am trying to have an a-ha moment.

Well, I just hope these farts are silent and do not smell.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday quote

I leave you with this (read below) as you begin your awesome week...

Whatever you do again and again turns into a habit. And your habits have a profound effect on the quality of your life.

Look honestly at what you do each day. What things are moving you forward, and what things are you doing that keep holding you back?

Your actions are yours to control. And your habits are yours to develop or abandon.

Though habits rarely come or go overnight, you can indeed choose and control them. Add an empowering habit, or get rid of a destructive one, to dramatically improve your life.

Even a small positive habit will make a big difference. Because each time you do it, you steadily add more power to it.

Think of what you can do, beginning right now, to add a habit of success to your life. And watch as that small success, done again and again, turns into plenty of big achievements.

-- Ralph Marston


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepawali

Every year when Deepawali or Diwali (as commonly known) rolled around, I was one happy kid. It was time for a new dress, new bedsheets {not that I did not change them regularly, but these ones were extra special and extra colorful} and ofcourse, new hairdo. Life was just smooth during this festival, and the whole world, a better place! :)

The day usually started with mini prayers at home, and then we got busy in cleaning the house. Shikha and I took joy in arranging diyas on the balcony sill, around the staircase and in every room. Then we went crazy decorating the house with beautiful and bright marigold flowers - aaahh, marigold! They always managed to make my heart smile. Then Ma took out 'new' utensils that were, until then, packed up nicely in clearwrap and stored in these huge steel trunks. Yes, there were things that were purely Diwali special, and came out only once a year.

During the afternoon and into the evening, Papa would take Ma, Shikha and I to our relatives and friends place for sweets/gifts giving. I really enjoyed this part for it allowed me to meet soo many people in just one day, and to also be treated to yumm sweets and more (Note: 2-3 days prior to Diwali, we were the receivers of such sweets/gifts).

We usually would be done around 5pm ish and on the way back home, Papa would buy us sooo many firecrackers. I remember, I used to go crazy picking different types of firecrackers - anar, golabumb, phooljhari, chakri, 3000 pathaka ladhri, black snake. Then, when we got home, and it had gotten a bit dark, Shikha and I used to rush out to light up all the diyas that we had placed earlier in the day. Such light...such joy!

After formal Diwali prayers, we would have dinner (often we had few friends or relatives over for Diwali) and then we would run downstairs to burst crackers until dawn! Yes, thats how long and loud the celebrations lasted. And, I l-0-v-e-d every moment of this!

It used to be the same drill every year, but I found such warmth and comfort in this consistency! :)

Although, Diwali is not as intricate or as loud as it was in India, I still love this festival. Something about the combination of marigolds, diyas and sweets puts me in a very good mood.

Wishing all of you and very Happy and Prosperous Diwali !


ps. will post pics soon!!

*** Update: See below for some pics from Diwali

Uncle, Shikha and Dhruv - prayers

Papa - having a laugh at a joke his friend sent..


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