Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bagels and Fashion

I have been craving for a really good bagel for sometime. Yeah, nicely toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with loads of vegetable cream cheese. Yumm....need to head over to NYC to stop over at H&H for some serious crave-busting! :)
On a totally side note, time for some fav picks from our favorite The Sartorialist! Yeay, picking and choosing from such a fab lot of styles always makes me excited,  and hungry...maybe that explains the bagel craving!

still some time for summer to linger on...

love the bag, the cuffed jeans, and yes, the worn out shoes...

cannot ignore the bling for obvious reasons

how bizzare...but totally loving it!

yup - these two could be models...but they are not! how unfair! :)

Looking forward to the new month...have a fantastic day!


{images courtesy The Sartorialist}

Monday, August 30, 2010

Random thought

Its not a matter of time or passion. Its not a matter of inner drive. Its not a matter of inspiration. The core of human aspirations is fluid, flexible and fierce. So, if we miss doing what we love even though there is a need to follow our passion, its because we are not honest enough. Honest to admit that that's reallly not our passion. We might think it is, but really its not. So, stop kidding yourself and jump after something you cannot breathe without. And, that's what really matters!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Creativelive: Whack on the side of your head...like really

I have found a teacher! Yes, have found a teacher and an awesome classroom. Ok, ok, the geek in me gets really excited about anything to do with books, courses, et al.  And you know, its like I have found my own personal posse (in an effort to sound cool :)) with boatloads of information, and because its my own posse - well, its for FREE! Ok, so a few weeks ago I signed up for a real-time wedding photography workshop and at first I was like who would have the time, then hemmed and hawwed a bit, and finally signed up for it. The other thing I had to make sure was that there was no catch or funny detail going on. I mean all through the internet there are tons of "buy this and get that....free only if you don't like it after paying $100 for it.." So you can imagine my concern. But, all these were quelled immediately when I got an email from the website confirming my "class" and I didn't have to click unnecessary links and whatnots.

The classroom I am talking about is CREATIVELIVE and they offer all sorts of courses on creativity. And, the teacher - well, he/she is an expert in that particular creative field. So, you have Designing Website, Photography, Photoshop CS5, Watercolor (yes!), Creating Ebooks, etc. classes taught LIVE by professionals in each of these areas - sometimes the courses run for a few days and sometimes even for a month! And again, they are free - not to pay anything - nada - zilch! But, the way they make money is if you would like to purchase the recorded sessions. That's all. Simple.

If anyone of you have a fire burning in them to learn something new, cool and different, give this classroom a try. You will definitely come out feeling like one heck of a smart student!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Admitting the P word!

I know I know I have been so behind my blogging thang...but, I will not lay out any excuses here. And simply admit that I have been lazy and a huge monstrous PROCRASTINATOR!! Arrgh! the P-word!
To be honest, I wasn't feeling it in me to pick up the proverbial pen and dish out my heart, my feelings or my findings (in art, fashion, etc), and so the blog took a backseat. It hasn't happened ever and I am trying to work on it, so that it doesn't happen again. You with me??

Muaah! and ofcourse Hugs!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greatday it is!

Time for some Greatday posting... I love how Ralph Marston conveys profound messages in simple words. That's why whenever I am feeling a bit low and need some "pick me up" I just read his eloquent words and feel a lot better. So, here we go:
How you spend your thoughts
How are you spending your precious, powerful thoughts? Are you spending them on the things you desire or on the things you detest?Would you waste your money buying things you didn't even want? It makes no more sense to waste your thoughts on those things you don't want.
Your life unfolds in accordance with your most pervasive thoughts. Your actions, and the results they bring, flow directly from what you think from moment to moment.
Can you create and nourish a rich and detailed vision of yourself living the life you wish to live? Yes, of course you can.
Allow yourself to fashion that vision, to nourish it, to expand upon it with your thoughts, and by so doing, to truly live it. The more you focus your thoughts on what you do desire, the more surely you bring those desires to life.
Make positive and meaningful use of the awesome power of your thoughts. Where your thoughts most frequently go, your life will surely and quickly follow.
-- Ralph Marston

Read more:http://greatday.com/

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What happens on Hudson, stays on Hudson

As you recall, the view from my apartment is that of Manhattan's sky line and the Hudson river. So, even if I am just lying in my bed, acting all lazy, I can just sit and relax and enjoy the dance of the ships on the river. Its so interesting to see all different kinds of boats, ships, yachts, commercial liners cruising down the Hudson and zig zagging their way through the crowded (sometimes) river. Oh, I bet you, at times it looks like a highway! :)
So, one day, while enjoying such view (yeah, you can roll your eyes, but water and boats makes for an enjoyable view) I noticed two very different boats approaching each other. Well, let's just say that one of them was doing the approaching more than the other. It was a sail boat and a speed motor boat. I first noticed the sail boat...the sun shining down on its sail and the sailor (is that what you would call the person handling the boat..oh, well) perhaps lying lazily on the deck and sipping on margarita or beer. What a calming way to spend a weekend afternoon. Then within minutes I noticed a motor boat speeding through as if there is no tomorrow. Barely touching the surface of the water and see-sawing at high speed, the motor boat seemed like it was on a mission. Now, now, the mission could be to save the world or the opposite. Anyhow, so as this boat approached the sail boat, my heart almost jumped out and I thought the worse. But, nothing dramatic or you-tube worthy happened, for the motor boat just zoomed past by the sail boat and the sail boat continued to dilly dally like a crazy drunk on the river. It rocked a little and then continued to cruise calmly... I bet the sailor continued to sip on this margarita or beer too!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Website UPDATE

Remember, remember, few days ago, I told you about our website being in progress. Well, hello hello its LIVE now. So, go ahead and give it a dekko!!

Appreciate your comments and hugs! And, please pass on the link to your friends or Facebook it!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fall is here...umm, well almost

Well, Fall is everywhere. I mean, I open any fashion magazine, and lo! there are ads and fashion shoots of fall wear. You know I always felt intrigued by the whole concept of launching Fall season right in the middle of hot, sunny, sweaty days. I mean most of us can't even stand to wear normal cotton clothes, forget the fur and the wool. But, hey, there are tons of fashionable and style setters out there, so perhaps they need to plan ahead, etc. And, then ofcourse, there is business to be done and money to be made. Nothing wrong with that...just saying.
So, for all my fashionably cool lovelies, here's one shoot that I instantly fell in love with, and it stars none other than the gorgeous Hillary Rhoda for Blanco2010 collection. This woman is pure rawrrrrr! But most of all, I liked that one really didn't have to look like buried under coats and sweaters to rock the Fall look.


Oh, and ofcourse the make up is just too divine :)


{images courtesy Fashiongonerouge}

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My little efforts

A while back when I had gone to attend a photography meetup, I had asked two of my fellow joiners if they could pose for my camera. It was nerve racking at first to bring it up, but then I finally came over my shyness and just asked, "Umm, I am actually tired of taking pictures of the flowers and trees and want to add variety to my practice..do you guys mind being the subject of my camera." I let out a deep breath when I finished asking - phew!. Worst they would have said no, but to my surprise and excitement (ofcourse) they said "yes" and so I went on a shooting spree. So, here are some pics of Fawn and Tobia...(again, thank you both for modeling for me although I know how awkward you guys were feeling!)
Oh, and did I tell you that they are good photographers too. Woohoo!

Gorgeous Fawn:

Handsome Tobi:

I just hope I did them justice especially because I was so nervous and my hands were practically shaking!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

In August company

August's here!! Another month to pursue our dreams, to be a better person and to live life to the fullest! :)
And here's the first image I got when I typed the word 'August' in google image....

Happy month to all!



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