Sunday, June 27, 2010

The legacy of The Alchemist

I have been re-reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and it's like I am reading it for the first time. Each line, each character, each dialog is always a reminder to live a life to its fullest. I feel so energized by this book that I want to get up and make a difference in this world. Even while wearing my pajamas!
Paulo has squeezed all the best phrases, idioms, examples in this one simple novel and I cannot imagine what state he must have been to write such explosive material. This book is truly inspiring and gives so much food for one to ponder his/her life and make it the best it can be.
If you haven't read it, please beg, borrow or steal...err, no no stealing! but, you get the point. Go to a library and spend a lazy afternoon absorbing the lessons from this book or if you are traveling by air/train - pack it in your handbag, and you will not be sorry!
AAAh, the Alchemist!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

For Coach lovers

Today I decided I will count the number of Coach bags I come across while on my commute to doctor's office. In a matter of 45 minutes, I noticed 35 people carrying Coach bags - not bad! The company is doing really well with their branding and product range.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Ass on

I have been meaning to write about this for a while, and then when it comes to blogging, my mind goes blank and I wonder what I should opine about. So, this time around I made sure I had this on the top of my list. Ok, ok, here we go lovelies.

While perusing Elle magazine, I came across an ad for a fan whose product and perhaps company name is "Big Ass Fans" Its the ceiling fan and not the sports or celebrity enthusiasts that this product refers too. And no, I am not making this up nor I am kidding. When it comes to names, something like, Awesome Fans is not a bad name although one can be a bit more creative. Umm, Airy Fans - still ok, but Big Ass Fans?? Well, the thing is that this particular type of Fan is really huge so what they have done is named the product on the general reaction one would have on seeing the size of fan. Hmm, pretty neat marketing idea!

Well you can check them out on their link BIG ASS FANS. Have fun!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great day

Doesn't help to pass around inspirational readings, so here I am sharing one with you:

You have the power to visualize. And what you intensely and persistently visualize, you will create.
Before you can go where you want to go, you must know exactly where that is. Seeing the destination clearly and in rich detail puts you well on the way there.
See it in your mind, and you'll move naturally, vigorously and effectively toward it in your life. Fill your awareness with the substance of your dreams, and those dreams begin their transformation into reality.
Visualization not only enables you to clearly see what you wish to do. It also gets you to profoundly feel the reason why.
For you can do more than imagine how you wish to feel. You can go ahead and feel now how it will feel to reach your dream.
Know what you want, and you're on your way there. Visualize how it will be, feel how it will feel, and make yourself unstoppable.
-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Sartorialist part deux

I realized I haven't shared my favorite shots from The Sartorialist in a looong time. So, I will do so now. How gorgeous are some people in their simple day to day outfits. I wish I was cool like that too!:)

Sequin top, pleated pants and strappy flats - what's not to love!!

Need I say anything?? Ps. I just love a crisp white shirt...unbuttoned :)

Uber stylish with a hint of that chutzpah

So summery and so fresh! Love the khaki and white combo..always

Nice accessories..

Well, that's it folks! Go to the blog and explore more fabulous real people in their natural style!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Just because

I love Miss Marple!! Oh, the mysteries are so intriguing and everytime we see this show on PBS, Kartik and I compete to find out who would discover the killer first! Yeay for Agatha Christie!!



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ombre Magnificence

I couldn't sleep last night and so I found myself awake (with groggy eyes ofcourse) at 4:50 am. Yes, exactly that time as I looked at the alarm clock when my sleep betrayed me. And, as I looked outside my window at the horizon, my eyes popped open wide. Before me lay an ombre magnificence of peachy yellow, orange in the sky with a deep contrast to baby blue strokes in river. It was just stunning. The sun had just started to peep out of Manhattan skyline and the whole sky radiated in the fresh, untouched splendor of morning light. Ooh, it was such a beautiful scene that I stood by the window trying to understand how does nature do this every single day. Every single day, lovelies!! And, then as if my mind had enough distractions, my eyes started to get groggy and loopy again. And, within seconds I was snor...errr sleeping! I tell you I had the most beautiful sleep ever with rainbow colored dreams made of forests with deep blue foilage and animals that look like peaches and oranges. Wonder where these came from??? :)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Sightings: Ever fab ladies in Banno Raani

Eeeks! I cannot believe, but these two ever fab ladies have been spotted wearing Banno Raani collections. I stole their pictures from facebook (please don't be hatin' girls) and here are the gorgeous femme fatales in their Banno Raani bling bling...enjoy! More to BR sightings to come...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of Silly thoughts and Crazy shock~

So I prepared myself a very delicious, a very healthy vegetable soup. Very easy too. Just take spinach, potato, carrot, tomato, ginger, and boil all of them together. When they are soft and done, grind them to a thin paste in the mixer - add salt and little lemon juice and while serving add a little wedge of butter. Voila! You have the most delish soup evah! Really.
Oh, I get distracted so easily. What I was trying to say was that as I got ready to enjoy the yumm soup, I thought sipping it while sitting on the sofa and watching just a little bit of food network would take the experience to the whole next level. Alright, so I pour the soup in a soup bowl and sit with it on my white sofa. Now, I just had a fleeting thought of how my sofa would look like if I accidentally dropped the soup on it. Yes, just a fleeting thought. This kinda' scared me so I ran to get a plate to keep under the bowl because I didn't want the soup bowl to slip from my hand in the event it got a little hot for me to hold (the soup was boiling, I tell you). Ah, mission accomplished and I sat on the sofa with a huge grin on my face, and ready to savor the delicious dish. I took a sip and swooned - it was that good. Then the phone rang and I placed the soup bowl+plate on the arm of my sofa and ran to get the phone. It was ma, spoke to her for few minutes and then was back to enoy my soupy soup!
As I picked up the plate, the bowl twisted and turned, and just as I thought the worst was over...BAM! went the soup on my sofa. Oh God!! I was paralyzed for like 5 seconds, and I didn't know what to do. I kept looking at the huge spill on the sofa, then at the soup bowl and then up at the ceiling and I kept doing this for few seconds not knowing what to do. Oh, lovelies, I was paralyzed with fear, with regret, with anger. And then it struck me that I had to do something, so I ran got Shout from the closet and scrubbed the hell out of the sofa stain. I scrubbed so religiously as if my life depended on it.  oooh, what an ordeal. After like eons, I finally sat down in peace and calm, and finished my soup. This time, I sat on the floor (we have floor seating) and drank my soup like a nice girl.

So, when I think back on this incident, I can't imagine how utterly shocked I was that I couldn't even move. This is probably what feels like when people say that their mind stops working when they face their fear or whatever. And, I can confirm that this is soo true. Plus, AARGHH!! no, make that double AARRGH! for my stupid thought prior to the spill. If I hadn't thought it, it wouldn't have happened! Verrry important to have good thoughts!!

UPDATE: There is a very light stain now, but its there and it glares back at me reminding me of my silly thoughts, and my crazy shock!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Change is so mysterious

Yesterday I visited my ex-colleagues at work. It was nice to see them after 2.5 months. As I walked around the floor, looking through each cubicle dressed up in personal items and paper galore,  I could only think, "Everything has changed so much, yet nothing has really changed." 


Monday, June 14, 2010

2 good designers

I love clothes. No, make that gorgeous, colorful, glamorous, intricately handcrafted luxurious clothes. Yeah, that's more like it. So, while I crave a Ritu Kumar every now and then (remember here), I am also a huuuge fan of the old world charm of Meera and Muzaffar Ali - the designer duo who do an incredible job with gota work, chikan embroidery and classic cuts. Here are a few pieces from one of their recent collections that I liked:

And, then there is a new, relatively new that is, designer who has piqued my interest with his playful designs and knack for something "different". Well, me likee Anand Kabra. Check out some of his pieces that I found divine..

I want all of these and I want them NOW!!!! I would sooo wear these clothes anytime...yeah, even while walking nonchalantly in the mall and letting the heads turn! :)


{Images courtesy Vogue India}

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photographer finally!

Remember how I keep harping about my photography passion, and how I want to take it to another level? Well, I have been getting opportunities to take pictures at events and birthday celebrations, and so I am one big happy camper. Ok, not big as in BIG, but you get the point? (yeah, what a lame pj, but blame it on afternoon drag).
Anywho, remember also I told you about visiting my cousin in VA to celebrate his son's first birthday? Say hello to the official photographer of the!! Oh, I was super psyched when Renu (my sil) asked me to be the photographer for the party because she liked my style. I had such fun shooting people...with my camera, and catching them in their most natural state. Ok, I will stop blah-blahing about how good I am and let you see for yourself...and, ofcourse comments and email hugs are more than welcome!! Here we go...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

They sky, the air, the sun

I have been walking regularly these days, you know, to keep my curves under control, but today was a beautiful day to walk. Not that every other day isn't, but the sky, the air, the sun were extra lovely today. I took my usual route and noticed that the sky was a deep hue of gray, as if there was a major smoke building up, but the air was crisp, warm and cold, like a fudge ice cream with nuts. As I was turning the corner of the walkway, I noticed that the grey clouds were colliding rather urgently with each other and I knew what was in store next. But, I kept walking, sipping from the water bottle I held in the right hand.

The sun sparkled like a huge amber crystal on the left side of me, while the grey smoky clouds slow danced on my right side. And, here I was walking in the middle of this spectacle with nothing but my thoughts and feelings...and oh, the water bottle ofcourse. Just as I was contemplating my dreams, the clouds decided to lighten up a bit and drop their heavy weight. I still kept walking. The left side of my face was hot from the smoldering sun, while the left side was drenched in the runny rain falling like a marathon runner. I tell you it was truly beautiful.

But, soon the grey clouds gulped the sun and it all came down like one giant shower. I thought to myself, I can take this. Its not that cold and the water feels good on my skin, so keep walking. And, I did. But as if on queue, the rain stopped, and a out of nowhere, a rainbow emerged in the sky. My heart jumped with joy, almost like a kid, and I almost screamed "Look everyone - a Rainbow" but instead I went by the water and stood there, staring and admiring another spectacle of nature and just reveling in the joy of it all. The sky, the air, the sun!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two things

Two things (for now) I seriously despise:

  • Dog owners kissing on the lips of their dogs (ewwwwwWWW) like they are kids
  • Parent's putting a leash type thingy on their kids and walking them around like dogs (UGH)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Carette - amor

As I was searching fervently to find yummy sweet eateries, I came across this really beautiful place in Paris that serves equally stunning desserts. Ok, I could write a para describing the cute colors of the macaroons or the elegant packing of the desserts, but I thought why not share a picture or two or four with you. With that, Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to Carette - a mouthwatering tea and treats place in Place des Vosges, Paris. Now, other than these sweet delights playing games with my palate, they also serve as inspiration to me on how to present products, package them and make them truly desirable. This is the image Shikha and I are working on with Banno Raani.

Enough said, enjoy..


{images courtesy Haute}

Friday, June 4, 2010

Driving around on Memorial Day

For the memorial day weekend, I went to VA for my nephew's first birthday. Please note, the usage of 'I' as opposed to 'we' because Kartik did not go with me. He was at home studying for his exam (CFA) and so he needed to stay back and crunch those monster problems!

Well, not that I went alone. Ofcourse, there was my family, my sister and her family and my aunt and her daughter who recently came from India. We drove there so I had a good time - actually I always have a good time on road trips. We talked, passed around chatpata snacks to each other, then talked some more with our mouths full, drank coke, dozed off a bit, stopped over to freshen was fun.

When we finally reached my cousin's house, we felt relieved because now we could lay down and relax. So, after chit chatting for a while, all of us ran upstairs to grab our respective sleeping spaces. Mom and me got a springy bed, which really sprang us up and down all night. Not that bad - we did get some decent sleep. The party was the next day and it was a lot of fun. The party was held at my sister in-law's friend's mansion, yeah, mansion, it was huge and beautiful. We played games, and met new people. Mostly all had very young kids so the conversations were very basic, at least from my side, and then something or the other had to be changed for their babies, so they had to take a leave. It was only 8pm and I was already hungry, so I walked around acting busy, taking pictures (yeah, I was the official photographer of the party...yeayy) trying to divert my mind off food. Then I was told the food was served, I placed my camera on the a side table and ran like never before...ok, kidding, just walked swiftly towards the food area.

The night passed by nicely and we were ready to take leave. I packed my camera, bade farewell, and was off to  my cousin's house. When all of us reached there, we again joked, chit-chatted for an hour or so and then it was time to sleep on the spring...bed that is. The next day we had to get up early because it was Memorial Day and we had to leave to beat the traffic. Long story short, we did not and were stuck in the stop and go traffic on NJ Turnpike (oh, NJ Turnpike, I despise you soo much). Instead of 5 hours, it took us 9 hours to get home. Papa had to drop me on the way back, so I asked him, mom, my aunt and her daughter to stay at my place, unless they were interested to deal with 4 more hours of traffic.

So, yeah, Memorial Day was spent on the road, behind endless cars with their flashing break lights. It was irritating, tiring and plain boring. But as long as I had my family there and chatpata snack to pass around, who cares!


ps. Chatpata means spicy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All for my dreams...

My brain is frozen. Yes, like the one you get when you sip on your slushee drink a bit too fast. Oh, the pain for that few seconds is like a severe migrane attack, but the taste in the mouth is so sweet, its almost like enduring sweet pain!

Anyways, I guess my brain is also fried. Like a shrimp tempura - nice and crispy. Have been looking like craaazy for an event space to host Banno Raani's Summer Extravaganza and its has been a process, I tell you. At first, it was like doing tele marketing - making cold calls to all the places I could to find out about availability and pricing, but now, I have kinda gotten used to it so I am not shy in reaching out to scour places. Its a lot of work people, and it can drain your enthusiasm...but, I am hangin' because I am always reminded why I resigned - to pursue my dreams  - so I cannot backout now. I am blessed to be doing what I love, and nothing will faze me! Hang in there with me...won't you? :)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June

Happy June everyone! Summer is here so go out there and have fun!!


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