Thursday, July 29, 2010

Enjoying Summer via Lychees

Its summer time, and I am gorging on Lychees like my life depends on them. The sweet nectar hidden inside the rough edgy shell is totally worth the pain to peel it. The minute the peel comes off, the juice from the fruit splashes around my hand and in a second its in my mouth. Oh, delish!! You just cannot go wrong with a bowl of lychees on a hot summer me :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visiting Princeton

Last weekend, Kartik and I went to Princeton. It was a fun Saturday as we perused the campus of the famed college and then walked through its quaint little downtown. Visiting one of the masonic buildings covered with ivy, I wondered if the students studying here realized how beautiful everything was around them as they rushed from one building to another to submit their assignment or perhaps to attend a chemistry experiment. As I stood near another building with a huge oak door, I let my hands caress the carvings of rivets and iron and felt the grandeur of it all. I then held the heavy brass door knob and wondered if anyone uses it all.
Walking a bit further, we came across a giant bell, used in old times perhaps to ring in a new class period, still standing on its original pedestal, rustic from time. I went up close to see if I could read history on it, to see if it would tell me stories of bygone times when it was first installed. A little while later, exhausted from walking the huge grounds, Kartik and I sat under the shade of a huge Sycamore tree, allowing the warm summer air to cool our bodies as it flowed through the leaves and branches. We watched other tourists with their huge camera lugged around their necks, and noticed that they were as mesmerized with the impact of Princeton as we were.

Oh, what a fun Saturday!

Monday, July 26, 2010


What is the color of hope?

Friday, July 23, 2010

For once, believe in the positive thinking

I get scared. Insecure. Frightened. Of the future. When I don't see the answers or a clear path in front of me, I feel lost. So, I practice positive thinking. It sounds so simple that sometimes I wonder if its even working, but it does. The mind is a leisure playground for sad or bad thoughts -- conditioned over years -- and the minute you  show these thoughts an 'exit' sign, they become like little kids and throw tantrums to stay and keep playing in the mind playground. It takes practice and patience with oneself to give them the boot and order them to leave. As I was saying, positive thinking is the best thing that's out there. Its tough I will agree because when my mind is going down the drain then I have to force myself to think of a good outcome and remind myself that even if I don't see the desired result right now, its out there waiting for me. And, that it will be mine soon. I then watch some funny videos on youtube to change my mood and uplift myself. I also then read a lot of inspirational stories that reminds me that miracles do happen. All you have to do is believe. Just believe.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Collection by Tanishq

Tanishq did it again!  For their new campaign, they hired Suresh Natrajan, famed Indian fashion photographer, to shoort their new ad campaign again, and I would be a fool not to share them with you. Enjoy lovelies!


{images courtesy}

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thought recognition

There are times when I really need something that can be a better grabber of my thoughts than me typing them on puter or writing them down in a notebook because by the time I come around to jotting them, they have lost their intensity or I just can't remember them that clearly. Is there a technology out there - a la Minority Report??. Just wondering...


Monday, July 19, 2010

In the mood for some fashion

I just feel like sharing. I don't know why, but I just feel like. So, I present to thee some knock-out wedding trousseau from Pakistan designers. I remember, when I was looking for a bridal dress for moi, I searched online like crazy - during downtime at work, making sure no one saw me surfing the net when I was supposed to prepare a report or late night at home, when I just couldn't sleep. Through this fervent digging, I finally realized that there was a very poor presence of traditional designer wear online, save a handful of sites that do provide some buying opportunities. And, then the prices were truly obnoxious. Anywho, in this search frenzy, I chanced upon a Pakistani bridal wear site, and I fell in love with the some of their styles. Infact, in the pictures, everything was soo perfect - the hair, the makeup, the jewelery and ofcourse the trousseau. Oh, I remember thinking I would use this website as my wedding inspiration. But, that was sometime ago!
So, as I said, I dunno why now, but I feel like sharing the styles I liked, with you. Perhaps, I am in the mood for some glamor... :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!


{images courtesy Bargello}

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Banno Raani's Website

Banno Raani's website is almost ready. Can't wait!! Just working on finishing touches and then it will be available for the world to fall in love with! :) Wish us luck!

Sneak Peek...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ordinary is not for us

I liked this tag line from a magazine ad. So, I cut it up and put it on my bulletin board. This way when I am working, its right in front of me, and it reminds/encourages me to make sure I follow this saying through. There's no work or job in this world that doesn't deserve our best efforts, and its this passion that is required to take our lives to the next the level.
Here goes the tag line lovelies...

"...there's more to life than ordinary."


Friday, July 16, 2010


The IRS is really annoying! Kartik and I are such law abiding citizens and we always ensure that our taxes are taken care of to the 't'. But, no, we get a mail from IRS telling us we owe them certain amount. Aaargh!!! Because its not fair. Aaargh! Aaargh! Because there is no customer service at IRS to hear our plea!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Buddha taught me something

I recently saw a documentary on Buddha on Pbs, called quite obviously and plainly, The Buddha and I was blown away by it. The film wasn't all special effects a la Avatar or had any fancy animation, but it definitely captured my interest till the very end, so much so that I hoped that even after the end titles had started to run, that there would be some more story.
I have read Herman Hess's Siddhartha as well and the book talks eloquently about the life of Siddhartha and how he came about to Buddha  as we all know it. But, it was a totally different experience seeing the documentary because there was insightful commentary from learned people from different walks of life - little titbits that I wouldn't have access to otherwise. One of the things that stood out and that had me thinking was when Buddha is out in search of knowledge/religion that will allow him to find himself, find the truth and then he comes across the Hindu religion. He realizes that the religion was good but people gave far too much importance to the rituals than to understanding what the religion really much that they lost the meaning/purpose of their devotion to the Gods and Goddesses.
Now, I think this is a very important point that the documentary brought up because I have noticed it as well but didn't have a chance to discuss it. See, the thing is that if we do not perform a ritual the correct way then we feel that our prayers wouldn't be answered right away or in the right context. Thus, our connection with God takes a back seat and we are left worrying about the consequences. Instead, if we spent time trying to establish our soul's connection with the Supreme power then we have really made progress in our efforts. But, I guess we all fail to make this judgement. Hinduism is filled with rituals upon rituals and if a common man (who is not a priest) tries to purify himself with performing endless rituals, then I think somewhere the whole purpose of connecting with God is lost and one is left with nothing but despair.
So, the way I have tried to implement this newly learned  knowledge is to remember to observe myself when at a temple. If, say, I find myself offering fruits on the left side of a murti (idol) as opposed to right side and thinking that I made a mistake - well, hello hello, I  will correct myself and remind myself that it doesn't matter what side its offered at as long as its offered with a good heart and pure intentions. After all, its all about connecting with God and not the rituals!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summertime means only one thing

Today I had the most delicious mango ever. Its called Mango from Haiti, it looks green in color, but don't be fooled. Inside lies the sweetest, juiciest nectar ever!!The way to eat it, is not to cut it up, but to roll it in your hands till it's a bit soft,  then to bite the top off and suck on it like a candy or lolly. Oh, its too yummmm. Reminds me of summertime in India, when I used to be at my nani's (grandma) house and all my cousins used to gather there for summer vacation. We each got one mango and had to make sure we enjoyed it and finished it properly, because well, we only got one mango. It was that taste of juicy mango that lingered long after we had finished our quota and that hot sweaty summer day that made it totally worth it. Yeay for Mangoes in Summer!

Mme Francique mangos are Hait's leading export crop

Monday, July 12, 2010

The First Step: Street Fair

Banno Raani recently participated in the first fair of 2010 at a NY Street Fair. It was good, but it did not target our right clients. I guess some things you have to try first and then decide whether its for you or not. You cannot just make a judgement and then claim its' no good. So, it was definitely an eye opener for us to understand what is the right platform for Banno Raani. Although our jewelery was bought, and admired by everyone who stopped by our booth, we still didn't get the type of exhilirating response that we were looking for.  But, hey, it was a step forward and that's what matters. Until you don't take a step, how will you walk and until you don't walk, how will you run. Right??

Friday, July 9, 2010

Time for summer coolness via some really cool and airy luxury designer dresses. Enjoy...

Do you feel the wind in your hair already?? Go out, dress it up and have fun!!


{images courtesy: Sarah Klassen}

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Poem

I have a habit. A weird habit, if you will. Sometimes when I think too much, I will write a poem. In one go. No revisions and no editing. I know, I know, you must be thinking - "What? Does she think she is a poet extraordinaire?" Well, lovelies, I am not, but I am being honest about how I let my thoughts and feelings flow into words. And, if you find a lot of errors, well, I guess, that was expected. :)
So, digging through my diary (yes, I still maintain a dear diary), I found this poem I had written a few years ago and I would like to share with you. Sorry, it has no title... :)

They bump into each other
Without acknowledging
But, they were destined to meet.
Sometimes they go straight,
Sometimes they bend around the curves.
Each has its own story to tell.
Lines in your hands,
Are like that only.
 --  Shivika Arora


Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday Papa!! You are truly the bestest father in the world, and Shikha and I are so proud of you!
You have such a great personality, a huge heart full of love and such a funny presence of mind...oh, how we wish we could be a little more like you in those things!!

Shikha and Shivika

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Heat wave

Kartik and I went to the beach today with some of our friends, and allowed ourselves to be toasted ...umm, no roasted. Ya, that's a better word. Hello 101F!!


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