Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summertime means only one thing

Today I had the most delicious mango ever. Its called Mango from Haiti, it looks green in color, but don't be fooled. Inside lies the sweetest, juiciest nectar ever!!The way to eat it, is not to cut it up, but to roll it in your hands till it's a bit soft,  then to bite the top off and suck on it like a candy or lolly. Oh, its too yummmm. Reminds me of summertime in India, when I used to be at my nani's (grandma) house and all my cousins used to gather there for summer vacation. We each got one mango and had to make sure we enjoyed it and finished it properly, because well, we only got one mango. It was that taste of juicy mango that lingered long after we had finished our quota and that hot sweaty summer day that made it totally worth it. Yeay for Mangoes in Summer!

Mme Francique mangos are Hait's leading export crop

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