Friday, July 23, 2010

For once, believe in the positive thinking

I get scared. Insecure. Frightened. Of the future. When I don't see the answers or a clear path in front of me, I feel lost. So, I practice positive thinking. It sounds so simple that sometimes I wonder if its even working, but it does. The mind is a leisure playground for sad or bad thoughts -- conditioned over years -- and the minute you  show these thoughts an 'exit' sign, they become like little kids and throw tantrums to stay and keep playing in the mind playground. It takes practice and patience with oneself to give them the boot and order them to leave. As I was saying, positive thinking is the best thing that's out there. Its tough I will agree because when my mind is going down the drain then I have to force myself to think of a good outcome and remind myself that even if I don't see the desired result right now, its out there waiting for me. And, that it will be mine soon. I then watch some funny videos on youtube to change my mood and uplift myself. I also then read a lot of inspirational stories that reminds me that miracles do happen. All you have to do is believe. Just believe.

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