Monday, July 19, 2010

In the mood for some fashion

I just feel like sharing. I don't know why, but I just feel like. So, I present to thee some knock-out wedding trousseau from Pakistan designers. I remember, when I was looking for a bridal dress for moi, I searched online like crazy - during downtime at work, making sure no one saw me surfing the net when I was supposed to prepare a report or late night at home, when I just couldn't sleep. Through this fervent digging, I finally realized that there was a very poor presence of traditional designer wear online, save a handful of sites that do provide some buying opportunities. And, then the prices were truly obnoxious. Anywho, in this search frenzy, I chanced upon a Pakistani bridal wear site, and I fell in love with the some of their styles. Infact, in the pictures, everything was soo perfect - the hair, the makeup, the jewelery and ofcourse the trousseau. Oh, I remember thinking I would use this website as my wedding inspiration. But, that was sometime ago!
So, as I said, I dunno why now, but I feel like sharing the styles I liked, with you. Perhaps, I am in the mood for some glamor... :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!


{images courtesy Bargello}

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