Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visiting Princeton

Last weekend, Kartik and I went to Princeton. It was a fun Saturday as we perused the campus of the famed college and then walked through its quaint little downtown. Visiting one of the masonic buildings covered with ivy, I wondered if the students studying here realized how beautiful everything was around them as they rushed from one building to another to submit their assignment or perhaps to attend a chemistry experiment. As I stood near another building with a huge oak door, I let my hands caress the carvings of rivets and iron and felt the grandeur of it all. I then held the heavy brass door knob and wondered if anyone uses it all.
Walking a bit further, we came across a giant bell, used in old times perhaps to ring in a new class period, still standing on its original pedestal, rustic from time. I went up close to see if I could read history on it, to see if it would tell me stories of bygone times when it was first installed. A little while later, exhausted from walking the huge grounds, Kartik and I sat under the shade of a huge Sycamore tree, allowing the warm summer air to cool our bodies as it flowed through the leaves and branches. We watched other tourists with their huge camera lugged around their necks, and noticed that they were as mesmerized with the impact of Princeton as we were.

Oh, what a fun Saturday!

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