Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greatday it is!

Time for some Greatday posting... I love how Ralph Marston conveys profound messages in simple words. That's why whenever I am feeling a bit low and need some "pick me up" I just read his eloquent words and feel a lot better. So, here we go:
How you spend your thoughts
How are you spending your precious, powerful thoughts? Are you spending them on the things you desire or on the things you detest?Would you waste your money buying things you didn't even want? It makes no more sense to waste your thoughts on those things you don't want.
Your life unfolds in accordance with your most pervasive thoughts. Your actions, and the results they bring, flow directly from what you think from moment to moment.
Can you create and nourish a rich and detailed vision of yourself living the life you wish to live? Yes, of course you can.
Allow yourself to fashion that vision, to nourish it, to expand upon it with your thoughts, and by so doing, to truly live it. The more you focus your thoughts on what you do desire, the more surely you bring those desires to life.
Make positive and meaningful use of the awesome power of your thoughts. Where your thoughts most frequently go, your life will surely and quickly follow.
-- Ralph Marston

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