Thursday, August 5, 2010

My little efforts

A while back when I had gone to attend a photography meetup, I had asked two of my fellow joiners if they could pose for my camera. It was nerve racking at first to bring it up, but then I finally came over my shyness and just asked, "Umm, I am actually tired of taking pictures of the flowers and trees and want to add variety to my you guys mind being the subject of my camera." I let out a deep breath when I finished asking - phew!. Worst they would have said no, but to my surprise and excitement (ofcourse) they said "yes" and so I went on a shooting spree. So, here are some pics of Fawn and Tobia...(again, thank you both for modeling for me although I know how awkward you guys were feeling!)
Oh, and did I tell you that they are good photographers too. Woohoo!

Gorgeous Fawn:

Handsome Tobi:

I just hope I did them justice especially because I was so nervous and my hands were practically shaking!!


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