Thursday, August 12, 2010

What happens on Hudson, stays on Hudson

As you recall, the view from my apartment is that of Manhattan's sky line and the Hudson river. So, even if I am just lying in my bed, acting all lazy, I can just sit and relax and enjoy the dance of the ships on the river. Its so interesting to see all different kinds of boats, ships, yachts, commercial liners cruising down the Hudson and zig zagging their way through the crowded (sometimes) river. Oh, I bet you, at times it looks like a highway! :)
So, one day, while enjoying such view (yeah, you can roll your eyes, but water and boats makes for an enjoyable view) I noticed two very different boats approaching each other. Well, let's just say that one of them was doing the approaching more than the other. It was a sail boat and a speed motor boat. I first noticed the sail boat...the sun shining down on its sail and the sailor (is that what you would call the person handling the boat..oh, well) perhaps lying lazily on the deck and sipping on margarita or beer. What a calming way to spend a weekend afternoon. Then within minutes I noticed a motor boat speeding through as if there is no tomorrow. Barely touching the surface of the water and see-sawing at high speed, the motor boat seemed like it was on a mission. Now, now, the mission could be to save the world or the opposite. Anyhow, so as this boat approached the sail boat, my heart almost jumped out and I thought the worse. But, nothing dramatic or you-tube worthy happened, for the motor boat just zoomed past by the sail boat and the sail boat continued to dilly dally like a crazy drunk on the river. It rocked a little and then continued to cruise calmly... I bet the sailor continued to sip on this margarita or beer too!


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