Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fall is here...umm, well almost

Well, Fall is everywhere. I mean, I open any fashion magazine, and lo! there are ads and fashion shoots of fall wear. You know I always felt intrigued by the whole concept of launching Fall season right in the middle of hot, sunny, sweaty days. I mean most of us can't even stand to wear normal cotton clothes, forget the fur and the wool. But, hey, there are tons of fashionable and style setters out there, so perhaps they need to plan ahead, etc. And, then ofcourse, there is business to be done and money to be made. Nothing wrong with that...just saying.
So, for all my fashionably cool lovelies, here's one shoot that I instantly fell in love with, and it stars none other than the gorgeous Hillary Rhoda for Blanco2010 collection. This woman is pure rawrrrrr! But most of all, I liked that one really didn't have to look like buried under coats and sweaters to rock the Fall look.


Oh, and ofcourse the make up is just too divine :)


{images courtesy Fashiongonerouge}

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