Friday, August 27, 2010

Creativelive: Whack on the side of your really

I have found a teacher! Yes, have found a teacher and an awesome classroom. Ok, ok, the geek in me gets really excited about anything to do with books, courses, et al.  And you know, its like I have found my own personal posse (in an effort to sound cool :)) with boatloads of information, and because its my own posse - well, its for FREE! Ok, so a few weeks ago I signed up for a real-time wedding photography workshop and at first I was like who would have the time, then hemmed and hawwed a bit, and finally signed up for it. The other thing I had to make sure was that there was no catch or funny detail going on. I mean all through the internet there are tons of "buy this and get only if you don't like it after paying $100 for it.." So you can imagine my concern. But, all these were quelled immediately when I got an email from the website confirming my "class" and I didn't have to click unnecessary links and whatnots.

The classroom I am talking about is CREATIVELIVE and they offer all sorts of courses on creativity. And, the teacher - well, he/she is an expert in that particular creative field. So, you have Designing Website, Photography, Photoshop CS5, Watercolor (yes!), Creating Ebooks, etc. classes taught LIVE by professionals in each of these areas - sometimes the courses run for a few days and sometimes even for a month! And again, they are free - not to pay anything - nada - zilch! But, the way they make money is if you would like to purchase the recorded sessions. That's all. Simple.

If anyone of you have a fire burning in them to learn something new, cool and different, give this classroom a try. You will definitely come out feeling like one heck of a smart student!


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