Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eternal river

I gaze at the empty space, and think what to write. Some thoughts flow like wind over water - gently grazing my mind, and then swishing away to eternity. While some thoughts stay put like oil over water - won't mix up, won't get dissolved, but just stay. I wonder what I should do with so many thoughts and so much thinking?

Amazing, our minds just cannot stay empty. Something or the other creeps up and keeps feeding it constantly.
Have you noticed how easy it is to get attached or attracted negative thoughts - oh, I won't get the job or I am not pretty or I won't win that contest or nobody loves see how easily our minds hook on to such rather not so innocuous concepts. Trust me, when something doesn't go my way, I almost think to myself that maybe I don't deserve it or it is not for me. Time and again, I have done this and really, this type of thinking doesn't make things better at all. If anything, it makes me sadder. So, I sit and mull a bit more until I give up and run for that tub of ice cream to make myself feel better - and then that makes me unhealthy!!

And have you noticed how scared we are to think happy and positive thoughts because we don't want to jinx them or don't want to feel guilty of harboring too much of it. How silly is that? I mean think about it, you don't want to have happy or healthy thoughts because thinking too much of it is jinxing future good happenings.  I wish you could hear me scream 'lame', as I type this. Well, don't worry, I have been a culprit of committing this very lame crime too, but its time for a change. Because change is healthy and change is good.

Thinking happy thoughts allows us to have a happy state of mind. It allows us to see things in a positive way. If, for instance, that job didn't work out for you , its not because you are not smart or you don't deserve it, its because you deserve something much better, and that better opportunity is on its own smooth way to get to you. If it feels everything is working against you, you know, when the car battery dies, and you forget the wallet and phone at home and get stuck in the middle of nowhere without any communication - that kind of against, well,  what do you do? You DON'T feel bad for yourself. You dust yourself up, and walk towards finding a way (in this case a gas station) - you hold a deep trust in yourself and a positive thoughtful mind that you have the courage to get out of this situation - because you  WILL and voila! you DO. {If life gives you lemons, you make mohito!}

Honestly, when Shikha and I started talking about setting up our boutique, I kid you not, I immediately went on thinking negative thoughts, what if no one buys from us, what if we suck at selling, what if I cannot focus on this...and on and on my silly mind went. But, all it took was a switch to -- I can do this because I love design, because I have a very good eye for these things and because I have confidence in myself. That was it - my mind was made, and although there were tremors of doubts, I stood strong.

So, I want you to take a step - a step towards your good, happy future and KNOW that it belongs to you. I want you to dispel any negative thought or train of thoughts the minute it starts hitting your mind. All it takes is that little teeny tiny effort from you. The moment  you think of failure or disappointment, just change your mind to the beautiful bouquet your husband or friend sent you which reminded you how much loved and appreciated you are - and don't feel guilty when good, happy thoughts flow in your mind like an eternal river.


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