Sunday, November 22, 2009

Layered world

A couple of days ago, as I was walking towards the subway, my mind was lost in its own little complex layered world. 

On the ground floor of my mind, there was a list of things that I had to accomplish, and the issue was how do I accomplish them in the best way. Then on the first floor, there was a debate going on between whether I was making a difference (in my own small way) in the world, and if not, what I could do to achieve that. The top floor was occupied by the tenants of my mind who were evaluating certain roadblocks I was facing, and what could be some possible solutions. As I was zoned out to this buzzing chit chatter in my head - my eyes just happen to fall on the ground, and that's where I found my answer. See below:

This metrocard with its bold engraving of the word OPTIMISM was staring back at me with such a determined confidence, that I had to pick it up and tuck it away in the inside pocket of my jacket -close to my heart. Not only a smile washed over my face, the little complex layered world of my mind collapsed into a pile of happy and joyous disposition.

And, as you begin your fantastic week, I leave you with the same Optimism that has the power to wash away any of your doubts and quieten any buzzing chit chatter in your head :)


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