Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I admit

I admit, I was selfish today.

In the morning, I was all groggy eyed and clinging on to the handle bars in the train, when the train stopped at a station, and the person sitting in front of me got up and left. I was sooo relieved and happy to find the seat that I sat down with the speed of a bullet. I was placing the bag on my laps, when someone appeared in front of me. I noticed the hands first, and saw quite a few age lines zig zagging here and there. Then I looked up and noticed her. Her face was not so filled with lines, and her eyes were hidden behind dark sun glasses. I reckon she was probably in her early 50's. But, I did not get up to give her a seat. I just looked at her and then looked back on the bag balancing on my laps. Yeah, I did not get up to give her my seat. I should have, but I was so burdened with tired eyes and no energy, I became selfish.

The day is almost over, and I can't help but reflect on my actions for the day (I usually do this before going to sleep). This particular incident was the highlight (well, not in a good way though) and something I wish I could undo. So...

I promise to be more chivalrous next time.

I promise to learn the art of sleeping while hanging onto the handle bars in the train.

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