Friday, November 13, 2009


While I was busy browsing for best sellers on the aisles of  a local bookshop, I halted when I came across this gorgeous note card set (pics below). It didn't take me more than two seconds to fall in love with the uber wicked design and packaging  that I ended up buying two boxes of the set! Hmmm, well, this gives me a good excuse now to send personal handwritten notes to my loved ones :) 
{sidenote: email has shot and killed the paper}
If you like what you see, then you can go to this delish website and go crazy. They have insanely colorful and cool collection of journals, home decor and other splendid stuff! Oh, and they also have these wonderfully printed  folders for all your filing needs!!! I mean you can never have enough folders, let alone nice printed ones! Right??
 And, don't forget to give their blog a dekko. Your eyes will want to absorb every texture, image, style that pops up on the screen - and the experience will seems more like a sudden jolt of creative espresso.


Happy Friday!!

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