Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

We get so wrapped in the daily incidents, happenings, anecdotes of our lives, that at times we forget to breathe. You know, the long inhaled, purely satisfying, mind relaxing type of breathing. And, then when we get 5 seconds to do that, we are already on to the next challenge in front of us. But, not today. Today is meant to truly just stand still, look around with wonder eyes, and celebrate gratitude - for everything that we are, that we have and that we would like to become. Our thanks can be shown in forms other than just words. Whether its by helping the elderly neighbor by taking them for a walk or by donating clothes to Salvation Army or by just hanging out with the lovely grandparents, and reminiscing the glorious days of childhood. And, hey, what's better than celebrating the amazingness of this day with some delish food, huh huh?

So, here's wishing that the true essence of Thanksgiving resonates in your life - not just today, or the next day or the day after that, but every single day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love and hugs.

ps. Total gym workout  for me (post turkey and potatoes) starts 5 am tomorrow :)

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