Monday, November 16, 2009

Style File - V1

We may have answered some of your prayers for we present to you a weekly feature called Style File (ahem, sorry no brownie points for creative titles here). Yes, yes, we heard your emails and so this feature will address some perplexing questions, like - do you really need to be matchy matchy with your outfit and jewelry?? does purple contrast well with green? oh, what the heck should I wear with rusty orange sari?? do cows speak? (ok, that was just to throw you off!) But, you get the point.

Banno Raani stands for unique, elegant styles and you know you can count on us to be your stress busters!! The aim of this feature is to showcase an outfit and our statement earrings. Trust me, it doesn't get better than this!

Bonus: If you have an outfit, just email us a pic of it and will send you some online TLC in the form of perfect jewelry from the design book of Banno Raani (hello, bring on the brownie points now!). We will work with you to zap out any roadblocks/mind numb you may experience while prepping yourself for that big wedding or that cool cocktail party or that reception extravaganza!

You know, we love to make you feel pretty!!

So, here's a style idea for that rusty orange sari with one of Banno Raani's Mughal Charm earrings (also available in red/green color combination)....


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