Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blessed are we when blessed are our minds

Like any human being,  I have days when I complain, fret, get angry and then cry. On those days life seems so hard and edgy that I want to fly away from everything and just be with myself. I kid you not, I feel like going away on a mountain and dwelling in a cave for a few days just so I can clear my mind out - sans distractions of any kind - make peace with my mind and become good friends with it so we can party together :)
And, then there are days when all seems bright and cheery, life feels full of good things, happy feelings and  sweet candies. Its days like these that make me realize how blessed I am. And for that, I am truly truly thankful. Days like these make me forget about the the dark gloomy days of stress - as if they only exist in my imagination. And everyday, I ask God to give me strength to recognize more sweetness in each day than edginess, to be more grateful for such a wonderful life than complain about my hair being poofy, to be a better person than get angry and cry.

Oh, and, here's a pic of something that I am sooo grateful, seriously! :)


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