Monday, September 6, 2010

Making a Statement

In recent times, there has been a radical shift towards jewelry in general. Big, bold pieces which were almost a taboo to wear in broad daylight sometime back, are now being flaunted at work, at PTA meetings, and hey even to yoga classes. What's interesting is that this style will hang around for sometime (a la 70's) because it makes even a simple T look uber-fabulous. Plus, these statement pieces come in variety of price points, color and shapes - good for just about anyone. Going forward, I predict, the designs though will be bold but very industrial or uniquely angled/cut.
To me, however, this fashion trend of big statement pieces is really not something new or unique. Well, no no darlings, I am not being missy style diva here, its just coming from Indian culture, I am used to big blings - in gold, diamond, rubies, emeralds, and what have you. In fact, if a woman does not adorn herself with big jewelry sets at weddings or even small parties at someone's house or hey, even at airport (yes, yes), then she is actually sneered at. So, yeah, lovelies, bling has been an Indian woman's mantra for centuries.
Still, I am super excited about this trend...I mean isn't it always good to have an excuse to flaunt. What say? Sharing some ka-chow pieces with you:

Joan Collins


link necklace


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