Sunday, September 5, 2010

Like a moth to the flame

I love candles. I just looove candles. At one point, I was ordering variety pack boxes of designer candles almost every other week. Yes, yes, I guess now you can tell that I love candles. But, here's the funny part. Once I buy them, oh and they come in cute packages and votives, I hardly like to use them. Strange, na? I mean I will use maybe one or two and let the rest stay beautifully packaged in their boxes. Silly me, but what to do, I am a sucker for candles and beautiful packaging.
Anyhow, I wanted to spread some candle love, and share my favorites from tons of selection out there. Here we go.

DayNa DECKER: Very stylish with a wood wicker! Yes, it sometimes crackles when burning and the designs are very modern, minimal yet truly drool worthy. Oh, and the scents range from names like sandalrose, khaya, jacaranda blossoms, amoura, soleil. They also have a very chic line of diffusers

VOLUSPA: The intricate designs on the box is so divine that after I take out the candle, I never throw away the box or the tin box. They have a huge selection of divine scents so you can never get bored of trying each one out. Also, great gift items

JONATHAN ADLER CANDLES: First his designs make us spend big, and then he enters the candle industry! Scrumptious in their smell and presentation, these are truly luxe at its best.

Jonathan Adler -  Hashish Candle

Jonathan Adler -  Muse Noir Candle

Jonathan Adler - Capri Honeymoon Candle


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