Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rendezvous with a soy burger

The light of my life, these days, has been food. So, yesterday I was craving a burger. A soy veggie burger. Ok, call me crazy, but yes,  I was craving that!! To appease my growing hunger (aka monster!), Kartik took me to this awesome place in the city called Quantum Leap. Oh, lovelies I can't even describe the feeling of walking through the doors of this restaurant and knowing that what's cooking behind the kitchen door will soon take me on an heavenly palatable journey. I ordered a Grilled burger with extra dose of fries, and Kartik ordered portobello mushroom and eggplant sandwich on whole wheat with corn chips. And, then we waited. I did more than waiting. I let my right leg jiggy up and down in anticipation, and as a norm, looked around at other fellow diners and yes, what they were eating.
Once the waitress got us our course, I attacked the poor burger with a fervor of a warrior, much to the surprise (or was it?) of Kartik, who calmly put one corn chip in his mouth. Ha! So much for etiquettes! And, then ofcourse I went after the extra crispy fries - took one and dipped it nicely in the oversize dollop of ketchup that I had squirted on my plate. Yummm! The craving satisfaction was just too good, and I can actually feel the bite in my mouth as I am typing this.
Ok, so that was my rendezvous with a soy burger...if you know what I mean! Chow...errr, umm Chao!


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