Monday, September 27, 2010

Embracing the newness - The Dulhan Expo update

We got up early to embrace the exhibition day in front of us. Yes, there was nervousness mixed with some leftover sleep because it was the first time Banno Raani was participating in Dulhan Expo (aka Bridal Expo).
Kartik and I were supposed to pick up Shikha and Dhruv and proceed to the venue from there. On the way to Shikha's place, my sleep vanished as I recalled that they had a fabulous bagel place close to their house, and within minutes, no seconds, I was ordering (yes, when it comes to food, my requests become more like orders) Kartik to get me my favorite hand rolled cinnamon bagel with ofcourse vegetable cream cheese. And, he being a sweetheart who knows me really well, obliged with a simple nod . And, then I added with a smile and batting eyelashes, Hey, you can't go to a super event empty stomach, right right? So, Kartik dropped me off to Shikha's place and went to get me my delish stuff.
In the meantime, Shikha and I debated about the inventory to carry, stormed back and forth on how we would work our booth, joked about totally random things and then calmly sat down to relax. Kartik was back by then with the desired deliciousness and we were ready to roll.
We arrived at the venue with anticipation in our hearts, twinkle in our eyes and bags in our hands. We can do this, I whispered to Shikha and off we went unpacking and decorating our booth. It took us some time, but we were ready and then we just sat there. The event crowd was very thin at the beginning and we began to question. But, then like an unexpected wave crashing at the shore, the crowd came and swept us with it. There was buying and bargaining and I think Shikha and I did a decent job of handling the burgeoning crowd.

So, to all the lovelies who visited us, a big HUGE THANK YOU for supporting us and becoming our clients. We couldn't have done it without you and always appreciate your business! You make us love what we do even more :)

UPDATE: Pics added. In one, you will notice food plate, well, let's just say, we needed that!


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