Friday, September 24, 2010


I am in love. Yes, in love with Gucci! More specifically, their 2011 Summer Accessories collection. The shine, the hue, the details...are soo divine and ultra chic that I want the summer to be here already! Hmm...these are sure to be spotted on a few celebrities and ahem*ahem ofcourse on those who have the moolah to spare on these luxurious babies! Simply divine...

Soft gold python clutch with tassels

Purple suede killer heels...yummy color

Gold python belt and ofcourse a gorgeous fiery orange dress with pleating details

Boots in summer? Craziness?? No, uber-coolness especially with this woven technique

Woven cuff and a solid leather handbag with tons of details


{images courtesy Gucci}


  1. Heya! Im loving your blog it seems so interesting... i read on another page you was writing a piece on luxury branding and luxury “experience.” I was wondering if you have finished writing this as i am doing my dissertation on luxury branding... thank you Bally x

  2. Hi Bally,

    Can you please specify exactly what you are looking for and I would surely help you out with it.




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