Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nose Job

Smell. Aroma. It can do wonders. It can take you back in time to a memory that stands very close to your heart. It can even instill a sense of fear, if it has too. And, then what about it playing acrobatics with your appetite?

Well, there are certain smells that truly make me feel like a kid again and I am always left with that longing to latch on to my childhood. Its like I want to relive the moment again, want to be that goofy kid again. Something similar happened with me this morning. As I was going out to get banana from the food store, I passed by my entrance lobby - the usual thing to do. But, the smell in that lobby stopped me in my tracks - in a good way. It was a perfect blend of coffee, cinnamon and cologne. Oh, it was so clean and crisp I could actually taste it! Anywho, so this smell has special association for me and immediately I was carried over to a 13 year old Shivika standing in an airport in Singapore who is trying to figure how everything is kept so clean and smelling good {I grew up in Delhi, India so the smells weren't all that pleasant... all the time :) }. And, then wondering if that coffee that smells soooo darn divine actually tastes that divine. Yes, I was taken back to my 13 year old self who was relishing the sweet, crisp smell of wonderment, of cleanliness and ofcourse of deliciousness. A moment when every little thing mesmerized me and intoxicated me with its aromatic fumes. I remember being so entranced with this world of beautiful smells that I decided I didn't want to live in Delhi anymore. Can you imagine?

That was then.

Oh, and just so I could whiff the same smell again in the lobby, I pretended I couldn't get signal on my phone, and stood still in the lobby so I could inhale some more of that memory and relive my 13 year old  self!


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