Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Shikha and I have been getting antsy for the past few days -- we can't wait for our jewelry order to arrive. Until then, we spend our time strategising (yes, I love that word now) and discussing our POA (that one too!) for the future. Its fun, trust me. We get super excited and go on tangent talking about all the details involved...from the color of our business card to how many mirrors to hang in our boutique to do we serve tea? Details darlings -- its all about the details.

Anyhow, so we happened to visit CVS the other day to grab a Revlon nail polish. Did you know that they are having an amazing sale, where you if buy one for $3.99 you get $3.00 back - how crazy is that? I didn't believe it when I heard about it, and so I had to just go, eventhough I did not really need another color.While browsing through the Revlon aisle, Shikha told me about these awesome pair of slippers she had bought earlier. After I picked up my nail paint, we headed for ze zlipppers. I have to say that they are the most comfy piece of foam to have hit my foot - I mean if I could fly, I would definitely fly with these slippers on. All for just $6.99 (minus the $3.00 that I got back) - just $3.99!!! And, how cute are those polka dots...awww love em'

aur revoir! a demain!


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