Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monetary disposition

There has been so much noise with regards to the economy and we all have already witnessed the panic it has generated. Honestly, things aren't so bad. Its the media that creates such sensory perceptions that make us head for a brown bag as we huff and puff to glory. Do you know America is still the richest country in the world and the price of basic necessities (food, clothing, shelter) is still affordable to almost 80% of the population. Now, this is the type of information the media should really focus on. 

However, a little extra monetary disposition does not hurt anyone, and I would like share some ka-ching! saving tips with you. These are just little changes you can bring into your life - and then, you can sit back and enjoy the luxuries it brings (ahem, yes, you can treat yourself to those shoes you have been eyeing for a while, but only if you save enough):
  • Credit Card: if you have been paying your minimum balance, call the credit card company and ask them for a competitive interest rate; doesn't hurt to ask and you may just end up with a lower rate; savings could be significant depending on your balance
  • Phone Bill: call them and ask for an adjustment of plan, especially if you never use up your minutes; you could save upto $20 a month
  • Electricity Bill: unplug your chargers, kitchen appliances, lamps, fans, when they are not in use. It doesn't just help you on your bill (approx. 15% savings), but also the environment
  • Buying online: since internet how now become the way to go from staying connected to shopping, make avail of plethora of coupons online. Before you buy anything online, just do a quick search of coupons on -- you will save a lot! I love books, so I used to order a lot online. But, once I heard about this site, I paid only $9.00 for a book worth $30.00 on (barnes & noble website) -- cool, right? Plus, you could also get printable coupons for store use as well
  • Eating out: buy full price vouchers at half the price at neat!
  • Free credit score: you can not only get just free credit report via equifax, etc., but also FREE credit score at That will save you some nice change!
Just my little contribution to help ease the pain and save you from pinching your pockets! Life is to be enjoyed, and you can truly do that by being a little careful with your spending habits! Shikha and I have become even more so when we decided to launch our own business. It takes a lot of patience and discipline -- but, we are getting there --yes, yes, we are getting there!


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