Saturday, May 30, 2009

Smell the flowers

I have to dust the table -I have to make lunch - I have to put lotion on my feet - I have to text my friend about the latest gossip - I have to... well, that's me with 5 red bulls in my stomach and only 5 minutes in hand : ) I mean isn't there  just so many things to do? You run after the chores and the time runs away from you. Ah, that's what we call life, isn't it? 
Well, after a strong deliberation on my part, I have learnt finally that life doesn't always have to be like a road runner - honking and zooming off to the oblivion. It takes only few small steps to add the purposeful zing to your life - and yes, one of them is literally, to stop and smell the flowers. 

Know this: everything will be accomplished -- all the books will be straightened on the shelves, the floor will get cleaned -- but, the stress you put on yourself by thinking about all the things that need to be done, cannot be reversed, and as with anything negative -- it will keep attracting to itself more of those things. When you see yourself as going on that path - stop and take a deep breath!!

Ok, here are my quick tips to ease off when you start getting that overwhelming feeling of moving a mountain:
  1. Relax, take a deep breath and sit down
  2. Take a note pad and pencil or your blackberry or your laptop and write down your chores
  3. Divide the list into types of chores, eg. you can lump laundry, grocery and dusting into house, manicure - haircut - putting lotion into personal, and so on...(By developing categories, you will have a clear sense of what truly you have on your hand)
  4. Then, just put achievable target dates of completion next to the categories, and yes, these dates can be ranges as opposed to specific numbers 
  5. Print it and put it on the fridge so you have your eye and mind on it
  6. Go ahead, treat yourself then and convert chore into chore - a la McD style : )
And, the best part is that once you have set it up on your, say,PC, all you have to do is update it. The secret ingredient is Keep it Simple and Keep it Real.  This attitude is useful for all types of situations in go ahead, try moving the mountain. It will seem a lot easier and a lot more fun!


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