Monday, May 18, 2009

peter griffin

"and, now, coming up the biggest curse word in the world  - cleveland"
Thats how insane family guy is, with its inane, incoherrent, silly humor and bunch of addictive characters. I mean c'mon how can you not resist the british drool of stewieeeee.. "oh, what the duce!!" 2 hour marathon on Monday and my day is made! Love it love it!!

Today I asked my husband, Kartik, do I know you completely? And he replied, no I don't think so - atleast not completely. My first reaction was, how can that be, why don't I know you completely. He replied, does it matter. And, that got me thinking. What is really important? Me knowing him completely or knowing him enough to the extent that I can be comfortable not knowing him completely. Bliss!! :)

Hugs and some tortilla chips (for the marathon u see)

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