Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's a beautiful day today. I got a sunburn (minor), but my first ever as our Indian skin is not made for sunburn.
I went to Michaels with my sister to scope and pick out things we would need for our boutique: stamps for our logo, product tags, paper for flyers, boxes to put jewelry...and, then some artificial flowers, pots and candles -- but, those were not for the boutique. What to do? Its soo easy to get distracted darlings, especially in an arts & crafts store : ) Those cute lil stickers, the cordless glue gun, the crazy n' fun patches for jeans and t-shirts...ooh. If it wasn't for my sister voice saying "err..Shivi, those patches wouldn't work on the bridal outfit" I would have definitely added them to my shopping basket. I said before, it's a beautiful day today.


Update: Here's a picture of the box of tags that both Shikha and I fell in love with -- plus, you also get to see a glimpse of our jewelry collection  that we are working hard to put together...

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