Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is just the beginning...

...of a dream that my sister and I had for a long time. A far fetched idea nonetheless considering we work full time in the corporate world and have a house to run (but, a special shout out to our loving hubbys for making it soo easy for us : ) ) But, like I said, we had this dream for a long time.
Grew up in India, but matured in America. Truly global :)

So, what is the dream I am referring to? I can't believe I am actually writing this...we are actually pursuing our hobby seriously...there! said it! and I can't help but smile and feel blessed. It is a passion we both share. A passion to create a beautiful experience for you.

Who? What?How? When?
The answer to all these questions will be, Banno Raani.
A gazebo of the most exquisite bridal trousseau and jewelry waiting to be explored. And, ofcourse, all sprinkled with warm, friendly and welcoming confetti. Need I say more?

The boutique is not set up yet, but we are taking all the sweet steps toward it.

We wanted to announce to the world, wanted to make a promise that we both are committed to our dreams. It takes a lot of courage, hardwork and ofcourse $$ to dive into the unknown did discourage us at first, but we are ready in our minds, in our hearts and with our checkbook : )

Do you feel the loveliness of pursuing a passion? We do....


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