Sunday, May 17, 2009

yellow monkey

Few weeks ago, I had a "better yourself and release stress" type of event at work during lunch time.  I thought it was a good break from the usual and decided to give it a try. And, I was glad that I did. This forum focused on simple techniques of breathing and using the breaths to tackle stress. If you notice, when we are angry/mad our breaths come and go rather furiously, but when we are calm then our breathing is normal. One of the examples the instructor gave us was that we should not focus on anything negative - image,word or thought - because that negativity really takes a lot of our focus.  She said the minute we entertain such thoughts in our mind, we just have to give it our attention and by doing this we are creating opportunities for more of the same. Instead of saying,  I am not thinking about the yellow monkey, we should say, I love the red bird. By putting not and the subject in the same thought - guess what we end up thinking about - the yellow monkey.  Plus, our breathing is slightly faster when we are doing the no's, not's and the dont's.

This simple idea reinforced my ideas of having good thoughts and energy at all times. This attitude is very important because as I push myself to pursue my dreams, I will be hounded by the "no, that cannot happen" voices in my head - but, hopefully I will remember to focus on "thats exactly how I want it to happen " and breathe slower! : )

Happy Sunday!

Shivika :

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