Monday, December 28, 2009

3 Idiots

Yesterday, Kartik and I watched '3 Idiots' and loved it. Simply loved it. The characters made us laugh like there was no tomorrow and the flow of the movie kept us aptly engrossed. While we both have read the book, '5 point someone' by Chetan Bhagat, on which the movie is based, the director (Rajkumar Hirani) did a commendable job of creating a really good screenplay along with his writer partner Abhijat Joshi. There were scenes where it got a bit too "bollywoody" for me - you know where the baby kicks when Amir Khan says "All Iz Well" - but it was ok because in the bigger scheme of all came together perfectly.

Oh my god, can't tell you how much we laughed...and snorted! Kartik moreso for he could relate to some of the things that were portrayed in the film -- the kind of things that go on in an all boys college. And, me, just couldn't believe all the things that go on in all boys college!! I also loved the character of "Chatur" (played by brilliant Omi Vaidya) - his speech in one of the scenes had me laughing until tears rolled out of my eyes and my stomach ached. And, oh I think I may know someone who talks and looks like him in real life!: )

So, Sunday ended with a medium box of popcorn and endless peals of laughter. If you want some of that...go ahead and see the movie!


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