Monday, December 14, 2009

Forgiving weather

The weather was pretty forgiving today. I did not have to bundle myself up like I was living in Antarctica - you know, thermals, down coat, woolen scarf and cashmere gloves - almost looking like a fur ball :) So, the walk from work to the Path station was very pleasant. And, as I was walking, I reveled in the happenings around me - school kids laughing loud and playing pranks on each other, an old lady walking her big hairy dog, a couple walking with one hand entwined and the other one holding a grande Starbucks latte, few tourists holding a giant folded map and asking around for directions, a traffic policeman chatting up on the phone and not noticing a car that jumped the red light...oh, so much was happening. I walked through all this like I was walking through a museum, observing and smiling at so much life around me. It's really nice to have a forgiving weather, I tell you.

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