Thursday, December 3, 2009


True results come from true discipline. I always knew it but did not care to follow this principle. But now, as I grow older and wider wiser, I cannot help but keep my mind focused on this simple equation. It seems to make so much sense now. So, what changed? I am still the same, my spirit is the still the same, but it is my mind that is now accustomed to a more relaxed, rich and robust style - a style that truly yields results.
A good example - my commitment to this blog. Although, this blog is meant to showcase what Banno Raani is all about (and, which it does), I also use this as a platform to paint  my thoughts, my feelings and my life. I have set aside an hour each night to dedicate my thoughts to this 4x6'' box of white space and transform it into a colorful play of words (hopefully you will agree : )). I know this blog allows everyone to not just see Banno Raani's awesome collection, but to also get to know the people behind it and the situations they go through in their daily lives. Yes, there are struggles on this path to entrepreneurship, there are uncertainties, and things that Shikha and I cannot even anticipate - but we continue to take full hearted steps and keep moving forward. And, therefore, the blog is a testament to that discipline. It is also a simple way of staying connected with clients and a unique way of sharing lives!


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