Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Style File - V3...oh, wait!

I know I know its been a while since I did the last Style File post (here and here). But, darlings, it was so hectic with moving, and then unpacking all the things, and then organizing a few parties, and then just relaxing for a bit that, truly,  I didn't even realize that time had flown and I should do something about it.

So, I did - today.

After brushing aside the regular chores of the day (yes,the boring but mandatory stuff), I took out a dedicated time slot to focus on creating these Style Files. Yes, I said files, as in plural, because I got two posts for you!! Really, how generous am I?? :)

Lets roll with the Style File # V3 - this outfit is a heartening mix of glitter, brocade and oomph. When I saw it, my eyes popped in splendor and fell in love with the style and color. Perfect outfit for a sangeet or formal holiday dinner hosted by your Kapoor aunty or for even attending a mehendi. But, then how to accessorize? Well, Banno Raani has a really good style that will just pull together the outfit perfectly, adding the right amount of "yowza" factor. Its the Pari Pankha jhumke with deep amethyst stone drop. Ok, enough of me talking, just check it out for yourself below.

Style File - V4
A while back, a friend I know told me about a party she was going out to - you know the NYC party full of shi-shi people, air kissing to the hilt, and dressed up to the nines. I was excited that she had reached out to me  to help her with the styling issue. She was wearing a black skirt with net and sequins (very similar to the skirt in the pic below) and a black top, and needed a pair of earrings to 'pop'. I showed her the following pair and she screamed with joy because she said that it brought the right statement to her style. Oh, believe me, I was super happy to see her this excited and was glad that Banno Raani's Tri-Stone Ruby had done the needful.

Well, I hope you enjoy the variety that Banno Raani has to offer - but know there's a whole lotta more!!


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