Sunday, December 20, 2009

The madness that is Walmart

There used to be a time when I was a frivolous shopper. I shopped at any store without thinking about the price or the fact that perhaps I could get the same thing at a much better price at another department store. Or the fact, hey, maybe I am better off using a coupon et al.
I was like that eons ago.
But, today, I think before I pick up anything, especially clothes, and ask myself - how many times will I wear this, is it a color that will match with most of the basics I already own, is it worth it? In those three simple questions, I get my yeay or nay on whether I should go ahead with the deal. I am also a lot smarter with picking the best deal - as if I am in a competition to prove who is the best shopper around!
Through the course of my transformation, one store that has stood its ground is Walmart  - whenever I shopped there for basics (sorry, no clothes, shoes or bags - I am very picky about those things :) ) I just always smiled at my final receipt. From toothpastes, to detergent to stationery to juice - it was always a nice surprise to walk with a few extra dollars still tucked away in my purse.
So, few days ago, I had to go to Walmart to get those basics, but wow, was I in for a surprise - of a different kind. The minute I stepped in the store, I went o-ho! Not that something was wrong with the store, it was more like something was wrong with the people. They were tons of them and all jamming each other with their carts filled to the brim with things. Some even had two carts - god bless them. In few seconds it hit me - but, ofcourse, tis' the season!!! And, so all the mayhem was expected. I saw the anguish in some people's face as they found out that that particular style of sweater was out of stock, I saw the kids jumping on their parents to get them that jazzed up bikes...the emotions were everywhere and I had my own up in the air. Yeah, the milk was all sold out!!! I almost screamed at a lady who hit me with her cart - and she had 2 gallons already! But, I calmed at myself, looked up at the huge Santa doll hanging in the air, and smiled at idiosyncrasy of  holidays! I love it, but nothing compares to the madness that is Walmart.

Have a fun filled shopping bonanza and don't let those cart hitters discourage you!


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