Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Book of 2009

The last pages of this year are almost ready to be turned over, but the book of 2009 is really something. Its 360+ pages hold stories of so many interesting happenings in my life that I am compelled to look back and highlight some of the incidents/thoughts that touched my heart and contributed towards making me the kind of person I am or aspire to be. So, where do I start..hmm, let's just take it from the top:

  • Went to India for the first time as a married woman, and basked in the love and attention from my in-laws and my happy grandma (nani mamma, I love you and I know how you wanted me to get married!) and all my masis and cousins
  • Found out that my lil' sis Shikha is pregnant -- was in denial for sometime, and then it hit me - and then super happy 
  • Very upset with some changes at work, but didn't mull over it for long, pulled myself together and worked harder than before
  • Launched Banno Raani...and this blog! Oh, what would I do without either of them! :) This step was taken after much deliberation on Shikha and my part and we just knew we had to do so - we are learning so much about business and ourselves in turn...(if you want to be an entrepreneur, don't wait - its totally worth it!!) 
  • Practiced more positive thinking and implemented more of the related philosophies 
  • Went to Europe- loved every second in those beautiful countries. it was my childhood dream too :)
  • Started writing down and actually making lists - trust me, accomplished all the items and screamed with joy everytime I crossed off the item on the list
  • My dearest Bauji - the best grandfather in the world - passed away, taking away a piece of my heart. I miss him so much, and am working on implementing some of his teachings
  • Learned to be more thankful and complain less (to be continued in 2010 as well)
  • Birth of Sana - my beautiful and lovely you my lil' darling
  • Reluctant to move to Newport, but it worked out fine. Infact so fine, that I love it here!! In other words, opening my mind to changes - personally and professionally and learning how to make changes work for me as opposed to against me
  • Loving and laughing more...yeay!
I think that wraps up the year in as concise a form it can. But ofcourse, there was much more in life - the small footnotes and fine print without which this book wouldn't be complete -- there were some tears because things didn't turn up the way I wanted them to, there was frustration (a lot of it), there was fear (of the unknown, and of consequences for standing up for myself), there were smiles (a ton of them), there was stomache, headache, PMSing and the silly arguments that ensued...ah, so much more.

But then, it these incidents, these footnotes and fine prints of life that make us who we are - it these stories that we always remember and these moments that we hold on to forever...


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