Monday, June 1, 2009

Do it

Sometimes I don't understand, why people have to question other people's interests or hobbies?Is it because they are not able to bring about the fruition of their own desires and are jealous, or is it that they just. don't. care . Either ways, it bothers me no end...arrgh!
I mean how could you live your life without any hopes or desires or hobbies or anything beyond what you currently have? I am not saying that everyone should be fond of knitting or collecting stamps -- just some extra kicker in your life. Is it too much to follow through??

It is a new month - and that marks a new beginning. So, I challenge you to find something that you like and pursue it NOW!! Go ahead, search for something you always wanted to do, but didn't because you were either too lazy or thought it wasn't that important! It could be anything - even as simple as setting up that facebook or twitter account that you have been avoiding or joining that Guitar 1o1 lesson you dreamt of while studying for your, wake up, and it!!!
(Consider this post to be that nagging voice in your head -- do it it... do it..get off your cushiony lazy butt and do it)


ps. alrighty, I will make your life simple --> just click on  DOIT and it will get you the information you are looking for! good luck : )

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