Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy 1 year Blog!

Dear Blog,
Happy 1 Year! We both have come this far...who knew I could be ok talking out or writing openly my thoughts and feelings. But, you have been super good to me and sooo accommodating. The valuable relationships I have built along the way from all over the world has humbled me...because I can now see how connected we are. Thank you Dear Blog for being my perfect partner..and here's to many more posts to come.

Dear Lovelies (aka readers),
A big thank you also for being the force that pushes me to write, share and be able to inspire in whatever little ways I can. Your emails, thoughts have been read and re read a million times (I can't believe someone in Russia likes what I write!!) because they were too good to be true. I am blessed, and that's how I see it. I promise you that this interaction will continue and hopefully we can take it to the next level...unknown at this point, but, then, this blog journey was too!!

Big warm hugs to all!!


  1. congrats shivika. you really write well. looking forward to more.

  2. woohoo! celebrations



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