Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photography Inspiration: Dave Hill

Next in the series of my photography inspirations

When I saw what he does with his pictures, my mouth fell open. You know, when you are sitting in the audience and the magician actually saws off his assistant's foot right in front of you and you sit there with your mouth open...yeah, well that kind. Not only that, my eyes popped open wide too,and I just kept wondering, "how does this man do it?"
Dave Hill is a man who knows how to shoot ---err, with camera that is. He constantly challenges the creative aspect behind photography and therefore produces stunning images that resonates deeply with his style. Yes, he uses Photoshop to add that magical, surreal touch to his pictures, but if you forget about the background for a second and just focus on the subjects (the people), you will realize it really takes balls to get the kind of expression and look like he does.

Dear Dave, if you ever read this, you are Ralph Lauren of Photography - you bring so much style, charisma and ass-kicking to your pics (sometimes, literally :) ).  I am so glad I was introduced to your style of creating art, and everytime I see your awesome, truly unique concept pics, it blows water out of my fish tank! (ha, did I just make up that phrase?? But, its get's the point, so..)

Am proud to share some of his work with you:

Dave Hill Photography

Dave Hill Photography


{images courtesy}

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