Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quite a few things on my mind

Quite a few things have been on my mind, so I want to quickly jot them down here at the expense of forgetting:

  • What type of flowers should I pick for the summer Banno Raani event?
  • Why is my hair turning white, and what should I eat/do to avoid it? Hmm, remember to ask Nani maa (grandma)
  • Need to buy glass bottles for storing water in the fridge, plastic ones give off a weird smell and taste
  • What makes for a catchy logo - research online and catalogues
  • There should be a fine for everyone who spits on the streets - yeah, like serious fine
  • Need to call Shruti, Shilpa in India -- they will kill me for I haven't spoken to them in ages
  • Buy baby shower gift or gift card for this Sunday
  • Keep questioning because that's the only way things can be made better
  • What in the world is a Tea Party? And, why do we need it? And why is Sarah Palin talking again?
  • Why do people who pretend to be "busy" are regularly updating their facebook status or playing those weird farmville game? I mean its a clear giveaway...
I guess, that's it for now...Hugs!

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