Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Positive attitude and the saga of a plastic headband

Well, quite a few things are going on as I type this, and sometimes I feel as if I just don't know how I will do it all. But, I firmly believe that all things happen at their own time and pace. Just the other day I was stressing about marketing, remember? Well, it seems as the doors have finally started to open up, and I couldn't be more stress free. That's exactly what I meant by saying that all things have their own time and pace to occur.

On a totally separate and random note, I was wearing a headband today, you know, the thin plastic ones. And as I was sipping on a nice hot cuppa' tea, the headband exploded and broke in two. Yeah, just like that!! Could you imagine my shock and confusion? I mean, was my head expanding while I was drinking tea? Am  I getting fat..err, I mean is my head getting fat? Well, it gets better then. So, I opened my dresser and took out another headband - this time blue in color and wore it. Blue looks and feels better, I thought to myself. After typing some frenzied work emails, I decided to go down for a walk. Oh, the weather was super duper gorgeous, and I walked by the Hudson river. I basked in the sun for a while, covering myself with my scarf so as not get too tanned (already burnt my self in the afternoon San Fran sun). And, as I got up to walk back, something popped on my head and fell on my shoulders. It was the blue headband!!! How could it be? Is my head reallly getting big, I thought to myself again. But, this time I almost laughed at myself, shook my head and screamed, "Crazy" without caring about what the passers by might be thinking!! Ha, so much for basking in the sun!


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