Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Organic vacation in San Fran...

Happy May!! Oh, its a fabulous May, right? The weather has been super sweet, and when I came back from San Fran yesterday, I was really really happy.

Kartik and I had a great time at Puneet bhaiyya's house (Kartik's elder brother) and he and wife Susan, were super duper hosts. We all laughed, partied, drank, slept, ate like true vacationers and allowed the SF vibe penetrate each pore of our being. If for whatever reason, either Kartik or I talked about "hurrying it up", we were given a stern look of "You New Yorkers" and asked to take it "easy" or "the chill pill."
But, the highlight of the trip was something really organic. Yes, organic. Well, you see, they had an orange tree in the backyard, and all I had to do was shake the tree branches with a golf club, and watch the ripe oranges fall in my lap (umm, yeah, sometimes on my head too). These oranges just tasted delish...so juicy and so sweet. This almost became a morning ritual of mine:  walk around the backyard, reach the orange tree and give it a nice shake for the sweet treat.

How did you kick off your May? Anything special...do share!



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