Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its nice to be weird and not listen to your mind...

Today was a wet, whiny and weirdly nice day. Yeah, had to do the 3 w's together- you know, the whole aliteration thingy!

First off, few things I did today, because, well, umm, I Can  (hey, not in an arrogant b**chy way) :
 - I napped in my office (yikes!! what will they say?? **snicker**snicker)
 - I ate chocolate all day, and did not feel guilty one bit
 - I told things like I saw, "Yes, that analysis is stale and has been done many times. No value add. Sorry."
 - I jumped in water puddles and had fun

Now to the highlight of the day, which actually happened towards the end of the day. While walking towards Path, I heard the clicking-clacking of heels following me close. Now, I know I don't own the road, but I got a little annoyed with the clickety-clackety happening right behind my back and right around earshot distance from me. So, I increased the pace, but it did not help. As I stopped at the signal to cross the road, the person with heels behind me surpassed me, and I decided to give her my famous "eyebrows raised, straight lipped" annoyed look. But then as I looked at her, I noticed not her face or her shoes or those heels, but  that she was without an umbrella. I mean it was pouring and she was actually clicketing away in all that rain!

I don't know when and how, but I decided to share my umbrella with her. It was now my turn to follow her closely, and because of the darn signals, I almost missed her. I knew she was going in the same direction as I was so I tried to catch up (boy, was she walking fast). As I reached maybe six steps behind, I questioned my decision - what if she thinks I am weird? what if she doesn't accept my offer? will I look like a fool offering my help? And as these thoughts were flowing through my mind, I noticed I was already next to her, and without thinking anything else, I just blurted out, "would you like to share my umbrella" and she smiled and said, "Yes, ofcourse. I broke mine and I needed something to remain dry. Thank you soo much, that's so sweet of you." I also noticed that she was elderly woman, so I was glad that I could be of help. We walked to the Path together and then I found out that she is starting with Citi on April 5th, while my last day with Citi is April 5th...insanely weird!

But, Oh, I felt so happy and pleased helping that lady. Looking at her smile from relief expelled all my self inflicted limitations, and I am so stoked that I did not listen to those stupid limitations of my mind. What about you? Have you done something even if your mind was saying not to do, even if you felt that you might make a fool of yourself doing that? Do share!


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