Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puerto Rico, an experience of sun, water and heaven...

Honestly, I did not know what to expect when I arrived in Puerto Rico. I mean I had heard from friends and had read travel blogs online, but didn't know what that meant for me. Would I be just as excited as them? Should I be as cautious as the travel articles tell me to? Will the traffic scare me? Are the beaches really thaat beautiful?

So, when Kartik and I landed at Luis Munoz Airport in San Juan, the first thing we did was peel away our jackets and sweaters that we had layered on en route from New York. Oh, it already felt  nice to be in Puerto Rico darlings!

We rented a car, and were off on our soujourn to Fajardo, where our resort was. Driving through Puerto Rico did not feel any different than driving through highways of New York, but still it was different. The music emanating from the car that stopped right next to us at the traffic signal was loud and addictive, the road side food cart was just about everywhere, and there was still sweet tropical smell in the air. If I were to close my eyes, I would have concluded that I was in a non-US territory. Anyway, driving through and using our iPhone as a GPS (yes! the iPhone works fabulously in PR and there are no roaming charges!) we finally landed at the foothills of our resort. It had a gated entry, and after announcing ourselves, we were let in. The minute we entered, the majestic fountain, lit up in the dark (yeah, it was night by the time we reached Fajardo), seemed to be a spewing a beautiful song, as if each note was flowing out from its nozzle. Nice, I said to myself, and then we traversed through the golf course to arrive at the parking lot and then finally the lobby.

Awesome, breath taking are probably an underestimates for El Conquistador Resort, but I cannot come up  with anything else that can justify how incredibly beautiful the resort was. Alright, you would have to figure that out from the pics below.

Our stay in Puerto Rico, marked with trips to El Yunque Rainforest, Bio luminescent bay, Old San Juan city, was totally worth the sweat we endured in the 90 degree temperatures. It was such a delight to be among people who knew how to have a good time, who were always surrounded by family and who had mastered the art of just chilling. Oh, and how can I not mention the clear blue waters of PR beaches, and ofcourse the fabulous small island that was also part of our Resort. If you were there, you would have realized that this is truly heaven - the time you get to do nothing but to just sit under the wonders of nature, and sip on Pina Colada. I will stop chatting, and present to you some visual treat

     View from our resort

    Prettiness everywhere...

   Kartik and I enjoying 

    Majestic entry to El Morro fort

    Old San Juan cute

   La Coco waterfalls in El Yunque

    Birds' eye view of the forest and the ocean from Yokahu towers

     Had to end with a pic of iguana! :)


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