Sunday, January 3, 2010

A palate that knows...

So, what would you do for a pizza? A thin crust, right-amount of sauce, perfect cheese and various topping pizza? Hmm, how about 2 hours in chilly weather - waiting in a looong line of equally eager 'tasters'?

Well, thats exactly what Kartik and I did when we decided to dine out with our dear friends, Aditi and Vineet, who were visiting from Maryland. The four of us camped out in front of Grimaldi's of Brooklyn, with frozen toes, empty stomachs and lots of perseverance on a cold Friday night just to get a bite of that pizza that everyone talks about. Nestled underneath the Brooklyn bridge, with glimmering Manhattan skyline as the backdrop, Grimaldi's is located on an otherwise quiet street corner. If you ever passed it by in daytime, you would never know that this is a place where tourists from all over the world converge.

At one point, after 45 minutes of freezing, we almost gave up, but something beckoned us to stay. Maybe it was the warm toasty pizza smell dancing its way out of the door that opened and closed as it allowed satisfied customers to leave and hungry ones (waiting in the line) to enter. Dunno. But, we stood there, hoping to be one of those customers walking out satisfied!

The night was dark, and compressed breath smoke was emanating all around as other patrons of the pizza place stood next to us, talking about everything and anything - just to keep their minds busy and off of their now numb limbs. Aditi and I caught up on happenings in our current lives and recalled goofy moments from our past lives in college while Kartik and Vineet chatted about mutual funds and visiting Europe. Although these diversions were good, all of us kept glancing time and again at the number of people still in front of us and kept measuring the inches still away from the entry door- a bridge to the "other side" of gastro heaven.

So, after 2 hours, when the pizza bouncer, who sounded like Robert De Niro and looked like Dancing with Stars judge Len Goodman, let us in, the four of us rejoiced like teenagers who have been let loose in a nightclub. We grabbed our seats and immediately got busy with our order.

We started with antipasto, and ordered 1 large pie with pepperoni, italian sausage and extra basil and one small pie with sun dried tomatoes, oven roasted peppers and mushrooms. Trust me, if you go there and are a group of 4 adults, this order size will fit you perfectly. Ok,  the anitpasto arrived and vanished just as quickly. The pizza arrived next and we devoured like hungry wolves, tearing the slice into bits and pieces and rejoicing  the flavor of the 2 hour wait that went with each bite.

So, how was the pizza?? YUMMYY!!! The minute that beautiful mix of coal oven baked dough, sauce, cheese and meats collided in my mouth - I couldn't believe that it was a pizza I was eating. Both Aditi and I went "wow" together on our first bites, but Kartik and Vineet just chewed in silence, sipping their soda. I guess women are much more dramatic when it comes to expressing! (notice the exclamation?)

By the time we got to the second or even the third slice, the pizza had turned a bit cold and a bit soggy - I reckon this is what happens when your table is in front of the ever revolving door. But, all in all - the dining experience ensured a great time with friends suffering together :) and a palate that knows what a good pizza should taste like. This is what New Year beginnings are made of :)

Grimaldi's of Brooklyn - Definitely recommended - at least once!



  1. We had a great time eating pizza and at home...thanks guys!

  2. Thanks Adu -- it was soo worth it!!



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