Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy place and Slash: Paper under Knife

For the past few days, I haven't been feeling all 100%. I wish I could just fly away to a place where things made more sense, where things were all happy and simple... you know, a place with zero bull shit and zero morons . Yeah, I was that kind of sad,  and mad.  And, as I was sitting in one of the meetings in a conference room - my mind floated above me for some time. The 3 sided windowed room, with a view of the Hudson and downtown NYC to die for, looked like an open gate of freedom. I wanted to get absorbed in all that. And, just as I was contemplating to fly away, I saw a plane in the horizon. Sailing smoothly in the sky amongst the golden clouds, the view almost made me cry with its simple beauty and gave me the confidence I needed. It reminded me that life is indeed good, there is no point in wasting precious moments in dreaming about a happy place. That happy place is here - it is now. Life is indeed that plane flying amidst the gorgeous landscape of nature - it is in the present, it is in the moment.

So, I found my peace. I really did and it made all the difference in my disposition.

And, since I was much calmer today, and the weather a bit warmer, I took advantage of both. Kartik and I went to see this super exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD). It was called Slash: Paper under Knife.

Three words: oh - my - creative Gods (ok, make that 4 words)! These artists are from another world - really - a world of their own - I mean it takes thinking outside of the norms to come up with such amazingness they crafted with paper. Yes, paper - a single dimension entity moulded, twisted, cut, folded, piled to form three dimensional beauties. I would definitely recommend that you visit this exhibition atleast once. And, its only until April this year - so don't miss out. Also, saw the brooch collection of Madeline Albright...some 200 odd pieces. Must say, she has a thing for brooches. Not just any brooches - but really cool, blingy and over the top type of hook-ons!So, there's your added bonus on top of fierce paper artistry!

Just some $$ tips about visiting MAD (which I had no idea of before until I planned to see the exhibition). Tues-Sun, the hours are 11 to 6pm, with the exception of Thursday when they are open till 9pm. The charge is $15 per person, but on Thursday, from 6-9, the charge is "pay as you wish". Kartik and I paid $10 for both of us and when we were leaving, we evaluated if we paid the right amount. Yes, we did. For the size and scope of Museum's installation, I feel we paid the correct fees. And, within 45 minutes we had seen all 5 floors of the museum. So, there.

Some images from the exhibition for you: Yes, its all paper/forms of paper

{didn't take my camera with me, thus images via creative blogs}


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